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5 Crucial Concepts a Coworking Space Tangerang Must Have

5 Crucial Concepts a Coworking Space Tangerang Must Have

In all places, included for a coworking space Tangerang, the concept is an essential thing. You need to know that concept can be the best reason why people want to rent a coworking space. It is not only about the facilities, but also about design. 

In terms of design, the concept of Coworking Space is way better than conventional offices. If many conventional offices use monochrome screens and colors for their interiors, in Coworking Space they are hardly found. Could you imagine how beautiful it is?

5 Crucial Concepts a Coworking Space Tangerang Must Have

The Coworking Space design is made more open so that its members can collaborate easily. The interior is also designed with an attractive, even almost does not look like a workspace. There are several coworking spaces that choose to use bright colors. 

Concepts that are Needed by Coworking Space Tangerang

Not infrequently they also put a lot of artistic furniture in each room. No wonder so many creative ideas have sprung up here. An attractive and clean place will make coworking space users feel happy. Below are the great concepts for coworking space.

1. Combination of Workspace and Café

Some people might prefer to work in a cafe rather than a normal office space because of the atmosphere offered. Now, you can work in Coworking Space with a cafe-style atmosphere and stay productive at work. Lots of Coworking space began to build a cafeteria in their area.

The interior of the Coworking area is carried using pastel colors like cafes in big cities. Inside, there is an industrial feel with elegant furniture. It is suitable as a place to exchange ideas of millennials who want to innovate. It can give a strong spirit.

On the other hand, Coworking Space is also suitable for those who want to concentrate on their work. Not only in the design but the food and drinks served are also, of course, the high-quality ones. Lots of coffee, snacks, or other delicious food made in this cafeteria. 

The presence of the cafeteria makes coworking space users no need to trouble to leave the office just to eat at recess. Besides saving money, it also saves you a lot of time. You can relax for some minutes in that cafeteria to erase the stressful feeling.

2. Green Design Like Open Space

Working accompanied by a soothing ornamental plant is an opportunity that is rarely found in big cities. It also happens in Tangerang. You can make it happen by working at Coworking Space Greenhouse. The concept carried is a natural counselor with many aspects of nature.

You can easily find green shades there. It is starting from hanging plants and indoor plants. Everything is arranged beautifully and neatly. Of course, the plants used are indoor special plants that can survive even if it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

The lighting is also very good. It can be seen with natural light entering through office glass. If all is working, you can walk around and watch the scenery in the coworking space. The presence of various plants can also relieve your stress and fatigue. 

3. Modern and Industrial Blend Design

Besides the concept above, there are also other options for coworking space. This choice is modern and industrial design at the same time. In this place, you will see an interior that looks industrial, wrapped in a modern feel. It is really unique and different.

The industrial design can be seen from the walls that use the exposed bricks. On the other hand, modern feel can be seen from the chairs and tables. All furniture used is simple but functional items. In addition, the arrangement is still good.

There is no divider separating coworkers here. If you get bored, coworkers can read manga comics in the mini library. This library concept is mandatory to try because there are not many coworking spaces that have it. A variety of genres and choices are available.

That is why; you won’t be bored spending time here. Reading a lot of books can increase your knowledge. The library can also be a place where you want the serenity. Just come to that place when you are too stressed because of your job.

4. Internet café with game center concept for coworking space

Need a high internet connection when working? If it is so, then make coworking space with the fast internet speed. This coworking space Tangerang provides the main facilities in the form of Wi-Fi and high specification computer equipment. It looks like a popular internet cafe in South Korea.

This unique concept makes members or users feel like working in a game center rather than an office. Of course, it is good news for coworkers who want to work while channeling their hobbies in their spare time. This place is superb.

Because it carries the concept of the game center, the furniture used is different. The chairs used are usually made of soft material. It is what will make you more comfortable. Bright accent lights can also be used, such as the horizontal or vertical neon. 

5. Multi-Room Design with Transparent Glass

Sometimes, coworking space without partitions can make you uncomfortable. It is because your privacy can be disturbed. However, coworking space with too many blocks will also limit your interaction with other users. Too many partitions will also disturb your mobility.

The solution to this problem is that you can still create several rooms. However, separate each room with a large transparent glass. This concept is very unique and still looks beautiful. The Coworking area is made in several spaces and is bordered by transparent glass. 

The team can still stay focused on the project, without having to ignore interactions with other teams. This design concept can really protect your privacy well. You can rent a room to coordinate with your relative. Using your own room will be not a problem too.

The concept of coworking space in the past and present could be different. It depends on the creativity and current trends. Customer’s comfort is the main focus in making coworking space. The proper concept owned by the coworking space Tangerang will make users more comfortable and happy.

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