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#Yummycares Campaign in the Middle of the Pandemic

#Yummycares Campaign in the Middle of the Pandemic

During the emergency corona Covid-19, Yummybox, a lunch and dinner provider application, issued a #Yummycares campaign for loyal customers.

Besides aiming to campaign for healthy food during activities at home, #Yummycares also moves customers to donate to those who are in the vanguard of handling the Covid-19 outbreak, especially medical workers. Loyal customers can now donate food through the Yummybox application.

This special menu, named Balado Chicken, can be purchased at a special price with customer orders throughout the week and will be dropped at the hospital or Covid-19 treatment center at the end of the week.

“This program is held to facilitate those at home running social distancing to participate in providing nutritious food to medical teams in various places, we hope that this small step can help those who are at the forefront of handling Covid-19,” explained Mario Suntanu , CEO of Yummy Corp.

#Yummycares Campaign in the Middle of the Pandemic

Preventive Actions Are Done to Reduce the Spread of Covid-19

#Yummycares also includes various preventive measures ranging from operational to food distribution. Yummybox is like doing a temperature check on every kitchen operational team.

Then spraying disinfectants thoroughly on a regular basis and ensuring the HACCP system is the highest food safety system that has been run by Yummybox since the beginning of operation continues to run according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to ensure food remains hygienic.

Yummybox’s R&D (Research and Development) team also added ginger, turmeric and spice based beverage variants to become one of the immune-enhancing options for Yummybox customers.

They also launched three mainstay food playlists namely Immune Booster which every day serves a spicy food menu to increase immunity, Work from Home (WFH) whose food menu is suitable to accompany customers to remain productive at home.

Also there is Comfort Soup, which every day serves tongue-fresh soup and makes Yummybox customers healthy.

#Yummycares Campaign in the Middle of the Pandemic

Contactless Delivery for Extra Security

Yummybox which also optimizes services without human contact to minimize the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). By providing food delivery options without direct physical contact (contactless delivery).

“The contactless delivery that we implemented is in the form of additional notes that Yummybox customers can do when providing address details so that the Yummybox courier team knows where to put food without having to interact face to face because customer safety is a priority for us,” Mario added.

Contactless Delivery is easy to apply to Yummybox because transactions used in the application are non-cash, so customers simply add notes or notes to place orders such as at the front door or the reception desk.

This service is Yummybox’s effort in supporting the government’s call for the community to carry out #dirumahaja activities and apply the concept of social distancing.

#Yummycares Campaign in the Middle of the Pandemic

Cloud Kitchen Becomes Yummybox’s Mainstay

Currently there are two main businesses of Yummy Corp, namely catering solutions and cloud kitchen. Catering solutions are solutions for companies that provide high-quality, healthy lunch benefits for employees both on-premise (cooked on site) and off-premise (delivered in the form of ready-to-eat).

Employees can also order food through the Yummybox application. This application, in addition to employees, can also be accessed by retail customers. In early 2019, the company acquired one of the biggest pioneers of online catering services in the archipelago, Berrykitchen.

The cloud kitchen service can be an extension of the culinary industry players to improve their business performance in areas not yet covered. Yummy Corp currently has 25 cloud kitchen points in the Greater Jakarta area.

So far, Yummy Corp claims to be able to serve around ten thousand servings of food to customers. About the menu, Yummy Corp offers more than 3000 menus to create a more enjoyable lunch lifestyle in the office.