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Legalku Digital Gives Free Legal Consultation to MSMEs and Startups

Legalku Digital Gives Free Legal Consultation to MSMEs and Startups

Seeing the latest conditions, the legal tech platform, Legalku Digital through Legalku.com, plays an active role by providing solutions to entrepreneurs, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Because most MSME entrepreneurs and startups have not yet taken steps to mitigate this Covid-19 pandemic.

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) greatly impacts the business world in many countries in the world, including Indonesia. The government also issued a policy to stop activities in offices and change it to work from home or work from home (WFH) to prevent an even greater impact.

For example startups or MSME entrepreneurs who are taking care of various licensing or other matters related to legality issues. However, because there is a WFH policy, this can hamper their planned schedules.

“Hence, Legalku Digital provides solutions to the problems of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs or startups can conduct long-distance consultations using the Legalku digital platform. Our team of experts who are competent in the fields of law and licensing is ready to provide free assistance,” Muhamad Philosopi, CEO of Legalku Digital said, in his official statement on Thursday (2/4).

According to the man who is usually called Philo, this long-distance service is called Legalku Distance Services (LDS). This digital communication platform between Legalku and users in the form of consultations, discussions and other connections as the provision of legal services. LDS is done based on user requests (on-demand) virtually and not paid.

Various Features Are Provided for MSME

This Legalku long-distance service provides many interesting features that can overcome the problems of MSME entrepreneurs in carrying out the government’s WFH appeal including:

1. Automatic Recording

LDS provides a recording of consultation minutes which are carried out digitally. Minutes are sent to the user so that the results of the discussion and suggestions during the session can be re-read and used as legal opinions.

2. Recording Discussion

LDS is also equipped with recording features both in the form of sound and video, where every call made with the user will be recorded and can be sent back to the service user.

3. Legal Support

If the user wants to follow up on the results of the discussion, Legalku provides legal support in the form of legal opinions that help the user in dealing with the situation. This legal support will certainly be included in the consultation minutes.

To get this free service, small and medium businesses can directly access the page; legalku.com/lds. Then after entering the page, users only need to register and follow the steps specified. This service can be accessed following the working hours, starting Monday-Friday at 09.00-17.00 WIB.

“We hope that with this facility, Legalku Digital can contribute positively to the development of the Indonesian business world amid the current situation,” Philo said.

The Company is Collaborating with Shinhan

Meanwhile, on March 13, Legalku Digital signed a partnership with Shinhan Future Labs Indonesia, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Shinhan Financial.

The appointment of Legalku Digital as a partner is a continuation of several Shinhan Futures Lab Indonesia’s internal programs, such as sharing knowledge on startups related to law and investment in Indonesia. Previously, these two institutions had partially collaborated by involving Legalku Digital as speakers.

This collaboration will help many Korean startups and Futures Lab startups in other countries to be ready to expand into the Indonesian market and find out what are the regulations related to their industry,” Muhamad Philosophi said.

Shinhan Futures Lab Indonesia is an extension of the accelerator program initiated by Shinhan Financial, one of the four largest financial service providers in South Korea.

Shinhan Futures Lab Indonesia is the second startup acceleration program in the world, following in the footsteps of Shinhan Futures Lab Vietnam in 2016. Shinhan’s Future Lab Indonesia has Coworking Space for more than 40 people, various meeting rooms and communal areas that can accommodate class or seminar needs.