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Supporting Pre-Employment Cards, Telkom Presents Pijar Mahir Platform

Supporting Pre-Employment Cards, Telkom Presents Pijar Mahir Platform

The government officially launched the Pre-Employment Card website which can be accessed throughout Indonesia, marked by the launching of the government-owned website www.prakerja.go.id

On the occasion, the Coordinating Minister for the Republic of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartarto said, the Work Card is an alternative solution for people affected by COVID-19 to gain new skills (skilling), improve skills in the fields that have been occupied (upskilling), or in new fields (reskilling).

Supporting Pre-Employment Cards, Telkom Presents Pijar Mahir Platform

One of the official platform partners that are working with Kartu Prakerja is Pijar Mahir, Telkom’s platform, which is a digital learning platform that focuses on certified training for vocational and professional education.

Through Pijar Mahir, ranging from certification seekers, job seekers, training institutions to the professional community can easily meet with the business and industrial world.

“It is an honor for Telkom to be believed to be one of the digital platforms for the implementation of the Strategic Card for Workers through Advanced Incandescent to realize the creation of superior Indonesian talent and ready to work,” Faizal R. Djoemadi, Director of Telkom’s Digital Business, said.

Pijar Mahir Advanced Supports Skills’ Courses in Telecommunications

Faizal added that, the focus of skills that will be encouraged through Advanced Incandescent is Telecommunications – Information, and Digital (TID) as well as other supporting skills with online and offline delivery models. The content provided is the result of internal development (build) and through partnerships (borrow) both with internal partners in a synergy between TelkomGroup and with external partners.

“In essence, Telkom through Pijar Mahir supports link and match because it is oriented to international certification and digital talent recruitment through the Codex program,” he added.

Supporting Pre-Employment Cards, Telkom Presents Pijar Mahir Platform

In order to strengthen Pijar Mahir, Telkom has collaborated with more than 20 training institutions and provided more than 2000 courses with the theme of entrepreneurship, language, to digital literacy.

In general, the Precursor Card scheme is very easy to follow. Every citizen over 18 years old can register online at the Pre-Employment Card site.

Then, they can choose various types of training through the government’s official digital partner platform. Besides being accessible at www.prakerja.go.id, information about the Pre-Employment Cards and available training can also be accessed through eight digital platforms owned by the Government’s official partners.

Pijar Mahir is an Online Learning Platform that Supports Pre-Employment Cards

Pijar Mahir also provides digital certification in order to provide easy access for people who want to improve their expertise and competence in accordance with industry needs. It was formed as an independent platform from a large part of the project which has a vision of using digital technology to solve problems in the education ecosystem in Indonesia.

Pijar Mahir targets users who are ready to become productive and professional workforce, especially considering that Indonesia experiences a demographic bonus in an era like now, so it is not surprising if Pijar Mahir wants to increase the expertise of the productive age population.

In the official website of Pijar Mahir, this platform presents a variety of lessons that cover a variety of materials, ranging from the realm of marketing, digitalization, to business development.

Supporting Pre-Employment Cards, Telkom Presents Pijar Mahir Platform

For learning and courses provided, some are paid, some are free. Now, from the payment side, Pijar Mahir provides various options, one of which is the Pre-Employment Card, which means that whoever the holder is, can undergo digital learning on this platform.

The learning process at Pijar Mahir is also quite practical but detailed, starting from the presentation of some material that can be in the form of text or video, then there is a process of pre-test, post-test, online discussion, do not forget the final exam results and facilities to download certification.

Although it has only been established since 2019, Pijar Mahir has embraced several training institutes whose names are quite flashy, such as Bahaso, G2 Academy, El Rahma Education Center, NF Computer, PT Telkom Prima Cipta Certifia (TPCC), Tempo Institute, and The Global Institute.