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5 Ethics in Using Coworking Space Jakarta Barat Room

5 Ethics in Using Coworking Space Jakarta Barat Room

The meeting room is a room owned by the coworking space Jakarta Barat. You can rent this room for a meeting with several members. In addition, this room can be also rented by other parties. That is why; you have to use this room properly before or after the schedule.

Meeting rooms are public owned and can be used by everyone; whether employees in an office or even for the public if rented. Because meeting rooms are public spaces, there are some unwritten ethics that should be done. All members have to obey the rules.

5 Ethics in Using Coworking Space Jakarta Barat Room

You must know all kinds of things when using the meeting room in the coworking space area. The example is the equipment owned. Maybe when you have a meeting in the room there are many people outside the room who are also working. 

Ethics when Renting Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

You and other coworking space users must respect each other. Knowing the ethics when using a meeting room in a coworking space is so essential. You can be a great member. Below are some ethics that you can do while using a meeting room in a coworking space.

1. Book a Meeting Room before You Use It

Booking is mandatory if you want to use a meeting room in the coworking space. Basically, it’s not only you who have an interest in using the meeting room. Other users or employees can also need the room at the same time. 

To avoid misunderstanding, make sure you always book a meeting room before using it. You cannot immediately come to a coworking space and directly use their meeting room. You should do the booking process first, at least one day before the schedule. 

For booking the room, you can come directly to the coworking space. If they have other services, then you can book online or by phone. Tell them when you need to use the meeting room. The staff will tell you whether the schedule is free or not.

Don’t forget to ask if the meeting room is still empty according to your schedule. That way, you can be more comfortable using the room. If there is already booking in advance, you are freer to choose other schedules to arrange a meeting.

5 Ethics in Using Coworking Space Jakarta Barat Room

2. Leave the Meeting Room Clean

When entering the meeting room, surely you want a clean slate. Well, other people also want the same thing. Although there are staffs in charge of cleaning the meeting room, it would be better if you leave the room as clean and neat as possible.

Dispose of trash in its place and clean up any dirt that might stick to the table. It is a form of responsibility for the space used. You can encourage all members of the meeting to collect the trash. The easiest step is to tidy up the table and chairs.

If you are able to work together to maintain cleanliness, then the manager will feel happy. At other times, they might prioritize you more. It is especially when you want to rent a meeting room. Another advantage is that you might get a discount.

3. Keep Calm when using a Meeting Room

You should know that not all coworking space is built on a large area. Maybe there is also a coworking space with a fairly small size but has a lot of spaces. Usually, this room will be close to one another.

If your meeting room is in the middle of an office, or close to other meeting rooms, try to not make any noise. Keep the peace of the room as much as possible. Discussion and debate are very common in a meeting. 

However, try to maintain the volume and respect for other people who are worked in your surroundings. If the atmosphere is quiet and located far from other employees, it might not be too much trouble if it’s a bit noisy. 

On the other hand, the manager might have prepared anticipatory steps by installing a damper in the meeting room. The key is to continue to act appropriately and respect the existence of others. If you did that, other people will always do the same things.

5 Ethics in Using Coworking Space Jakarta Barat Room

4. Leave the Room on Schedule 

You surely know that there are several types of rental in coworking space. For example, you can rent daily, hourly, or monthly rent. Monthly rent for all coworking space will allow you to use all the rooms privately. However, of course, the price is more expensive. 

For meeting rooms, most members will rent for only a few hours. If you are booking a room, try to get out of the room on time. For example, if you rent a room until 4 pm, make sure to leave the room exactly at 4 pm. 

Don’t forget to leave the meeting room neatly and cleanly. If your room usage should end at 4, then end the activity 10 minutes before the schedule. It is intended to provide time for all members of the meeting to tidy up their belongings.

On the other hand, also consider other people who will use the room after you. It is because they also have a need to use the room. They also want to start a meeting on time because it can be essential for their job.

5. You should not eat sharp-smelling foods

Some meeting rooms do allow users to eat food in the room. However, that does not mean you are free to eat a variety of dishes. Make sure you don’t eat food that is too stinky. It can make the next user uncomfortable because of the sting.

If the meeting is conducted for a long time, then choose the type of food that is not too pungent. Maybe you can also make a policy to eat food elsewhere. If the meeting is not too long, you should not need to enter a meal schedule.

It means that you must be good at reading situations for a meeting. An example is the duration of the meeting and when it will be held. In this way, you can use the meeting room in coworking space Jakarta Barat properly.

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