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5 Convenient Coworking Space Bogor to Work with Ease

5 Convenient Coworking Space Bogor to Work with Ease

Coworking space Bogor can make you occasionally work in the City of Rain to change the atmosphere. You will get a new environment for work. It can make you feel fresh and happy. The goal is for sure to make you focus on your work again.

Today you can work from anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection. One popular place to support remote working is coworking space. With affordable rental fees, you can ‘hang out’ all day. Are you interested to try it?

5 Convenient Coworking Space Bogor to Work with Ease

In Bogor, now there are more choices of coworking space to work comfortably. To meet the needs of casual work, you can choose several coworking spaces in Bogor. In fact, there is also a coworking space that serves one of the most delicious coffees in Bogor. 

Coworking Space Bogor that could be Your Option

They may offer different services and facilities. However, most coworking spaces in this place will serve all the best for their clients. So, are you ready to rent one of the coworking spaces in Bogor? Below is the complete list.

1. Kemenady Coffee and Co-Working Space

The location is in the center of Bogor and about 1 km from Bogor Station. That is why; it is easily reached from any area. You will get a comfortable and calm atmosphere once you enter the three-story shop building. What are the services offered? 

Kemenady provides a work station with WiFi and power outlets for a maximum capacity of 30 people. Here you can also rent a room to make workshops or lunch meetings with a capacity of 50 people. It is based on your need.

One of the things that make you feel at home in Kemenady is its variety of coffee choices. The most favorite, anyway, is the Iced Coffee for IDR 18,000 for the medium size. The combination of coffee milk with palm sugar provides a sweet taste that fits on the tongue.

The interesting thing is that Kemenady supports the environmentally friendly movement by providing straws made of paper, even though the coffee cup is still plastic to take away. It is a great step to make a positive change for our environment.

5 Convenient Coworking Space Bogor to Work with Ease

2. Kolaborato Coworking Space

The next coworking space in Bogor is Kolaborato. It is a unique place that uses an old house with a wide and beautiful yard. It is also suitable for those of you who are looking for a venue for workshops, training, or press conferences.

There are 35 workplaces available both indoors and outdoors. While for the procurement of events can accommodate about 50-70 participants in one room. What did you get? First of all, is for sure the high-speed internet. It can support your job really well.

You can also get free coffee and tea there. The other facilities are like the shared pantry, and game consoles for entertainment during breaks. Don’t forget to make a reservation first if you want to rent this coworking space.

There are three rental options to choose from. These choices are for 3 hours, 6 hours, and 10 hours. Of course, all of these three have different prices. You don’t need to worry because the price is very affordable.

3. Tigaha Coworking Space 

The students or freelancers who need peace while working can choose Tigaha Coworking Desks. With affordable costs, you can get a personal work desk with supporting facilities such as internet access, printer machines, and lockers. You can say that the facilities are complete enough.

The Outdoor Open Space options are also available. It can be used with friends or work alone. A soft sofa and minimalist interior there also create a comfortable ambiance like being at home. It Will feel like a conventional house.

You can also rent a meeting room with complete facilities, ranging from Plasma TVs, fast internet access, free flow of coffee and tea, printing and photocopying services. To rent this coworking space, you can choose a period of half-day or a full day. 

4. Cohere Bogor

The special thing about this place is the coffee. They make a delicious coffee which is so popular. The word ‘cohere’ in English is chosen based on a reason. It shows the acronym of “coffee here”. This Bogor Cohere has been operating since October 2017.

This place has a modern minimalist style building with a touch of rustic and unfinished floor concept. The interior is really Instagramable. It is suitable if you want a status update or making a new post on a social media account.

The room is relatively roomy with a super-fast internet connection. Electric plugs are also easily found near the desk or sofa that you choose to work for. The best spot here is near a large glass with a table overlooking a beautiful garden.

5 Convenient Coworking Space Bogor to Work with Ease


This Coworking space in Bogor is designed with a minimalist concept. The furniture used looks simple but is comfortable. It is what makes the area seem cleaner and more spacious. You can feel comfortable spending hours there alone or with your relatives.

By paying IDR 15K you can work all day accompanied by free tea or coffee. Each table also has its own power outlet. All you have to do is bring a laptop. Of course, this cheap price is perfect for students or freelancers.

Do not miss any meeting rooms for rent starting from IDR 100,000 per 2 hours for a capacity of 4 people (Basic Meeting Room). Another option is a meeting room with prices up to IDR 375,000 per 2 hours for 15 people (Advance Meeting Room).

If you want to, monthly rental is also available. For this monthly rent, you have to pay around IDR 4,000,000. This monthly rent is often referred to as the Private Office. It means you can use the entire room privately for business purposes every day.

Most of those coworking space in Bogor open from Monday to Friday. They open for business from 08.00 am until at around 07.00 pm. Usually, each coworking space will have its own schedule. Make sure to know it to make you are able to find the right coworking space Bogor.

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