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6 Tips for Starting Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

6 Tips for Starting Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

Recently, there are so many coworking space Jakarta Selatan businesses that you can find. As one part of the capital, South Jakarta is certainly a very crowded area, including for business. There are many companies standing there. The business there is also varied. 

In addition to large companies that already have their own offices, there are also many other businesses in this area. The business could be a small business. An example is a startup. Sometimes a business will use a coworking space because they don’t have an office.

6 Tips for Starting Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

It is the reason why coworking space in big cities is always crowded. Establishing a coworking space can be a very promising business. Because it is relatively new, of course, you must be smart in doing this coworking space business to make it is profitable.

Things You should do Before Starting a Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

You need to make that business is smoother and profitable. That is why; first consider the following coworking space business tips. You need to do some tips to make a coworking space business is able to grow up and win the competition among the same business.

1. Get to know the Right Concept of Coworking space 

Do you know? There are still many who are mistaken and assume that coworking space is just a hangout for some young people. The coworking space is actually much richer in meaning than a coffee shop hangout. It is an essential place to work. 

Coworking space is a place where people can work, collaborate, share ideas, and produce brilliant ideas. It is because in a coworking space you will be at the same place as other people. Usually, they are a businessman too who run various different business. 

Knowing the basic concepts before doing this business is essential. Actually, it is not just a common area that needs fast internet or a comfortable atmosphere. It is also not a place to hang out with your friends. It is really more than that.

It is a place where people or communities can develop really well. It can be supported by various different aspects. The examples are interior design, facilities, events, and more. As an owner, it is important to be creative.

6 Tips for Starting Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

2. Choosing the Right Location and Building 

Once you know and understand the concept of coworking space business well, then the next step that needs to be considered is the selection of the right location and building. According to many space coworking owners, considering the location is so important. 

Having a coworking space business near a business area is so profitable. It is very important because company owners often run out of space for employees to work. In the case of this coworking space, you can start by renting a shop, office building, and more.

It is also able to rent a house with permission for business. The most important thing is to adjust everything to your budget. If you rent or buy a place, make sure everything is legal. It will good for your business, especially in the long term period.

3. Determine the Right Interior Design

Coworking space looks like an ordinary office where business people can activate their laptops and work. Nowadays, most of the coworking space business really focuses on designing the interior room. Attractive interior design will make employees more comfortable.

The interesting interior design will able to boost the creativity and productivity of the workers in it. In fact, some coworking spaces have the theme “green” or environmentally friendly for their workspaces. This green concept feels so fresh and natural.

If possible, building coworking space with outdoor concepts will be interesting. You can also see the other facilities mentioned earlier so that it distinguishes coworking space from an ordinary office. Those facilities are like café, playground, kitchen, and more. 

4. Know the Tenant’s Profile and Needs

Next, you need to provide appropriate services and facilities. You must do simple research to know about it. An example is like knowing deeply about the clients and their profiles. It is also a great idea to collect the questionnaire about it.

What is the point? By knowing the profile and needs of consumers, you understand and serve the member well. Your coworking space will have a great value because of it. They will choose to rent your coworking space for those others.

Nowadays, some coworking spaces provide auditoriums and meeting rooms. Auditoriums like this can be used for community activities, such as product launches, seminars, talk shows, or presentations with investors. Usually, this kind of facility is really needed by most of the companies. 

6 Tips for Starting Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan Business

5. Don’t Forget to Promote

Your coworking space may be a new business. In other words, previously there might have been a lot of coworking space available. Therefore, you must do a good promotion so that many people know about the coworking space. It is a way of marketing for a business.

One step of promotion is to create a website. On the website, you can introduce everything about the coworking space business. For example, what interior design you use, attractive offers, and so forth. A website can tell the world about what you have.

If creating a website might be too difficult, you can use social media first. Just use some social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Promotion using social media is an effective and inexpensive way. If you have more budgets, place an ad using social media.

6. Discover What’s Unique from Your Coworking Space

Because in South Jakarta there are lots of coworking spaces, it’s better if you have something different. An example is the interior design or facilities in it. Try to find out what is often needed by tenants and meet their needs.

Apart from the facilities, you should also make some interesting programs. For example, discounts for new members, gifts for those who can bring new members, and so on. It can attract more people to rent your coworking space and be a new member. 

Building a new coworking space will not always be easy. It may be that you will find it difficult at the beginning. Don’t give up because when you are used to managing the coworking space Jakarta Selatan business, it will be able to run well.

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