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Crewdible Presents the First Micro Cold Storage in Indonesia

Crewdible Presents the First Micro Cold Storage in Indonesia

Startup provider of a digital platform for micro warehousing network, Crewdible, announced that the company now provides micro cold storage facilities. This facility is presented to help business people who need special cooling facilities.

In contrast to micro warehouses in general, micro cold storage has special facilities such as chest freezers, chillers to cold room storage.

Crewdible Presents the First Micro Cold Storage in Indonesia

This feature is specially prepared for storing various kinds of products, especially perishable products (easily damaged), using certain temperature conditions in order to maintain its freshness.

The choice of features makes the use of cold storage in demand by various business sectors, especially frozen food processing.

The presence of cold storage not only helps maintain the freshness of food longer to reach the hands of buyers, but also opens new potential for the area of ​​distribution and sale of its products.

Provides the First Micro Cold Storage Facility in Indonesia

Crewdible’s Corporate Marketing Manager, Gunawan Lee, stated that Crewdible became the first startup in the country that provides micro cold storage facilities for frozen food businesses in need.

“In 2020, Crewdible is proud to be a pioneer in providing micro cold storage. This achievement is part of our efforts to provide convenience for frozen food businesses that require special storage facilities to help develop their businesses,” Lee said.

Crewdible Presents the First Micro Cold Storage in Indonesia

Furthermore, the processing of frozen food by distributing through the online marketplace is one of the businesses that is increasing amid the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Packaging Digest report, it is estimated that more than half of the food consumed during the Covid-19 pandemic period will be purchased online.

Frozen food processing technology also experienced an increase in the quality and safety of food ingredients. Various sectors are now starting to take advantage of the use of frozen food, such as hospitality (hospitals and hotels), airlines, to the military.

The increase in the frozen food business during this pandemic period then opened up new needs related to storage space with special cooling facilities. Even so, there are still some obstacles for business people in considering the use of micro cold storage.

The Use of Micro Cold Storage Crewdible can be a Solution

Constraints faced include the difficulty of finding the availability of a location that suits the needs and the amount of the cost of managing facilities that must be prepared, including the need for manpower and investment in cooling facilities such as chest freezers, chillers, and cold room storage, which reach up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

The use of micro cold storage through the Crewdible application is able to cut down various obstacles encountered. With a network of cold storage partners spread across 34 points in Indonesia, businesses will not only get strategic warehouse location references.

Crewdible Presents the First Micro Cold Storage in Indonesia

They also have the opportunity to open up potential new distribution areas through cold storage partners that are spread out. Supporting the e-commerce industry during the pandemic, Lee said that Crewdible will continue to develop micro cold storage services.

Some of them are the target of increasing the number of cold storage partners to reach 200 points throughout Indonesia, as well as preparing the distribution ecosystem of the users of Crewdible cold storage partners so that the supply chain becomes more effective and efficient.

In addition, Crewdible will also help users of cold storage partners to market their products through e-commerce channels such as marketplaces, social media commerce, and various other channels.

Crewdible understands the need for frozen food businesses for micro cold storage, especially given the phenomenon of increasing frozen food businesses during the pandemic.

“Through the Crewdible micro cold storage facility, we hope to be a solution for frozen food businesses in expanding their product distribution network, without having to worry anymore about the risk of product damage during travel,” Gunawan concluded.