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Former Microsoft Engineer, Severan Rault, Becomes Gojek’s CTO

Former Microsoft Engineer, Severan Rault, Becomes Gojek’s CTO

Severan Rault becomes the new CTO Gojek Group which replaces Ajey Gore. As the CTO of Gojek Group, he will be responsible for the overall Gojek ecosystem technology in providing access to a variety of services ranging from transportation and payment to food delivery and several other services.

In addition, Severan will also manage Gojek’s engineering team located in Southeast Asia and India. Severan has more than 20 years of experience in the global technology industry. He was once the Director of Software Development at Amazon with tasks including leading the team that created Amazon Prime Air, a service between Amazon-based drone aircraft.

Former Microsoft Engineer, Severan Rault, Becomes Gojek’s CTO

Before Amazon, Severan played several positions at Microsoft, namely Principal Architect on the Bing search engine and Principal Development Manager at Microsoft OneApp.

He has also founded the wireless solutions company Kikker Interactive, which was later annexed by Microsoft in 2008, as well as a Virtual Reality company named Betawave, which became the last company he worked for before joining Gojek.

“Now is an interesting time for Gojek because the company is entering an important phase of transition from startup to a more mature company. Being part of the trip is truly a special thing,” Severan said in an official statement on Wednesday (7/22/2020) ).

Join Because of the Company’s Positive Social Mission

He stated, building systems and processes of a business with the scale and complexity of Gojek was a challenge for him and he felt grateful to be a part of it. Earlier this year Severan joined Gojek as Head of Engineering for the Gojek marketplace and now as CTO he will be directly responsible to Gojek Co-CEO Kevin Aluwi.

“I joined Gojek because of the positive social mission of the company. Helping millions of people to earn their satisfaction. The technical challenges related to it are very interesting, ranging from the development issues needed by the most sophisticated cloud solutions to the in-depth application of artificial intelligence technology. is like a dream for innovators like me,” Severan said.

Former Microsoft Engineer, Severan Rault, Becomes Gojek’s CTO

Gojek’s co-CEO Kevin Aluwi said he welcomed Severan who was in charge of Gojek’s CTO position. According to Kevin, Severan has deep expertise, enthusiasm and leadership that can bring the development of Gojek products and services to a better level.

“Severan is a leader in the field of technology who has a high concern to continue to create benefits for all users in the Gojek ecosystem. We can’t wait to see Severan continue his success on Gojek,” Kevin said.

Gojek becomes a Government’s Partner in Distributing Funds for SMEs

Gojek Indonesia is one of the selected government partners to channel MSME credit through DigiKU products.

Chief Public Policy and Government Relations, Gojek Group, Shinto Nugroho said that since early May, Gojek continued to actively participate in campaigning the Proudly Made Indonesian National Movement (BBI) with various Ministries and Agencies.

Former Microsoft Engineer, Severan Rault, Becomes Gojek’s CTO

“This collaboration with the State Bank Association (Himbara) this time is an extension of our commitment to help millions of SMEs affected by a pandemic so they can rise up, and move forward with Gojek to drive the Indonesian economy,” he told CNBC Indonesia in Jakarta, Monday (7/20/2020).

In the DigiKu program, he continued, Gojek has collaborated with BRI, one of the Himbara banks, to provide access to light interest loan facilities to business partners, including drivers.

“Especially for MSMEs, the facilities provided are expected to be able to maintain business turnover while capturing new opportunities. We greatly appreciate and thank you for the Bank BRI cooperation efforts and the Government for providing loan facilities specifically designed for our MSME partners so that they can progress together with the ecosystem Gojek,” he concluded.