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New GoPlay Service is Targeting Online Events’ Large Markets

New GoPlay Service is Targeting Online Events’ Large Markets

The number of online events has increased rapidly during the Corona pandemic. This trend is targeted by GoPlay on-demand video companies. One of Gojek’s business lines launched the GoPlay Live service that offers live shows or live streaming events online such as concerts and festivals.

GoPlay CEO Edy Sulistyo said Covid-19 shifted consumer behavior in consuming entertainment, including online events. According to him, there has been a surge in the number of online events held in the Loket.com application, part of the same ecosystem as GoPlay under the auspices of Gojek.

The online holding of events at Loket.com reached 96%. In fact, a number of online events won sales of more than 5,000 tickets. “Trends in people’s behavior and behavior are shifting in that direction,” Edy said in a video conference on Thursday (7/23).

However, even though there have been many events online, consumers still want the same experience as when attending activities directly. For example, social interaction, experience in buying food or drinks, getting merchandise, watching artists closely, or a good quality sound system. “Those things didn’t happen online,” Edi said.

To meet that need, GoPlay created the GoPlay Live service. In this application, GoPlay shows live streaming of various events, ranging from concerts, festivals, or other performances interactively. Some of the features in GoPlay Live, according to Edi, support consumers to enjoy events with the first-hand experience.

Provides Various Features for Interacting with Each Other

For example, the ShoutBox or Question and Answer feature help users interact and ask questions directly with event organizers and viewers. Then, there is the Running Text feature to help content creators or events that convey information to users.

There is also a Private Group Chat feature to make it easier for users to discuss with each other privately while watching.

There is a Cast to TV feature to make it easier for users to watch from the GoPlay application on the big screen. Finally, there are Live Shopping and Merchandise features, to make it easier for users to buy merchandise, souvenirs, and other items from content creators or events.

In order to increase penetration, GoPlay also utilizes the ecosystem in Gojek. Through GoFood, GoShop, and various other Gojek services, GoPlay users can simultaneously buy products sold at the event.

GoPlay indeed runs a strategy by utilizing the Gojek ecosystem. The company is aggressively providing promotions with bundling package schemes or combining products to attract consumers. For example, the GoFood and GoPlay packages.

“So buy a GoFood package, you can access GoPlay,” said Edy Sulistyo while following the Katadata webinar titled ‘Covid-19: Disruptor or Startup Business Enabler?’ June (6/19).

Features and Services will Continue to be Developed

“Through the support of the Gojek super app, the development of the GoPlay feature in the GoPlay Live category will also not stop here. In the near future, GoPlay Live will present additional features, such as Interactive Trivia, Interactive Polling, Donation, Virtual Gifts, and many more for users,” Edy continued.

Customers can find various interesting content on GoPlay Live through the Live Show menu in the GoPlay application. Gojek users can access this service by updating the version of the GoPlay application on smartphones, both Android and iOS.

Only by using the unique link available on e-ticket after buying a ticket at Loket.com or GoTix and downloading the GoPlay application, users can immediately enjoy a variety of content.

Edy explained that online content is expected to be the needs of consumers and content creators in the midst of adapting to new habits. This trend can be seen from the surge in the number of online events held at Loket.com during the pandemic, which dominates 96 percent of the total events.

“In fact, a number of online events have achieved sales of more than 5,000 tickets. With the presence of GoPlay Live on the GoPlay application, all online events created at Loket.com and using Live Counters, will automatically be enjoyed through GoPlay Live,” he said.