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Sagala.id Provides Delivery Services for Basic Needs during the Pandemic

Sagala.id Provides Delivery Services for Basic Needs during the Pandemic

Therefore Sagala (Sagala.id) exists as a platform that can directly connect sellers of various basic food needs with customers.

Indonesia and many other countries are facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This causes the majority of people to carry out activities from home.

Sagala.id Provides Delivery Services for Basic Needs during the Pandemic

Covid-19 has also encouraged the government to implement PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions). This policy has an impact on many sectors, one of which is the economy, especially food, where traders lose many customers.

The founder of Sagala, Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, said that starting in mid-April, Sagala has been operating in West Bandung Regency, Bandung City, Cimahi City, and Sukabumi Regency to help sellers and buyers in meeting their daily food needs easily, safely, and quickly.

“Sagala users can simply register as a customer or Sagala user, after that the customer can choose all their needs on the Sagala platform,” the young man born in Sukabumi said. Furthermore, customers can make payments with various payment options.

“After the order and payment have been confirmed, we will immediately send the customer’s order to the customer’s address,” the young man who also owns the web hosting business said.

Now Available on PlayStore

The messaging service application for the basic needs of Sagala.id is now available on the Play Store. Still in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and welcoming the New Normal or New Normality discourse from the government, Sagala.id seeks to connect sellers of basic needs with the community.

Through the Sagala.id application, people can shop for their daily basic needs from a smartphone from home.

Sagala.id Provides Delivery Services for Basic Needs during the Pandemic

The founder of Sagala.id, Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, said that the presence of the Sagala.id application aims to make it easier for the community after this service comes first in the format of a web page that receives a positive response.

“The Sagala.ID application can already be downloaded at the Play Store starting in the 4th week of May. We will develop this application as a form of our commitment to contribute during the Covid-19 pandemic,” the young man born in Sukabumi told Tekno Liputan6. com, Monday (1/6/2020).

The Sagala.id application has been enriched with several features, including the “buy back” feature, which makes it easy for users to repeat previous orders by just pressing one button available in the Sagala.id application.

“Just press one button to repeat previous orders, then make a payment, then the order will be sent by our courier to the destination address,” he said.

All Profits for Their Couriers and Partners

Alfian stressed his commitment to stimulating the community’s economy by providing all the benefits to the couriers and traders on the Sagala.id platform.

“Sagala.id partnered with mountain tour guides who lost their jobs, online motorcycle taxi drivers who were empty of orders, laid-off employees who all took on the role of shopping couriers at our platform. All pure profits were given to shopping couriers, who were expected to help their lives, “Alfian said.

Sagala.id Provides Delivery Services for Basic Needs during the Pandemic

Online shopping initiatives in Sagala are also in line with government programs in suppressing the development of Covid-19 in Indonesia. Equally important, Sagala is committed to helping the economics of producers and sellers on their platforms.

Alfian said the idea behind the Sagala initiative was to improve the lives of producers and sellers on the Sagala platform.

“We hope they can get up and fight during the Covid-19 epidemic,” Alfian said.

Since it was first released, Sagala.id services to date have covered 20 cities in Indonesia, including Jabodetabek, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Denpasar, and Medan.

“We hope through the Sagala.ID application, the community can still reduce the need to leave the house to just shop at the market, and on the other hand, open up income opportunities for Sagala.id shopping couriers,” said the young man who had received the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur award.