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Collaborating with Google, Grab Introduces Delivery Doodles Feature

Collaborating with Google, Grab Introduces Delivery Doodles Feature

However, Grab actually found another perspective on the behavior of children who like to doodle on walls with pictures. Through its newest feature, Grab Delivery Doodles, Grab wants to provide opportunities especially for children, to turn their favorite doodle pieces into food orders sent through GrabFood.

Many children like to doodle on the wall to express their imagination and creativity. However, sometimes parents like to get upset with the behavior of children who like to doodle on the walls of the house. Dirty and irregular, that may be the impression parents get.

Collaborating with Google, Grab Introduces Delivery Doodles Feature

Delivery Doodles uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology to juggle images of children’s favorite foods, becoming real food orders that can be ordered through the GrabFood service. This feature is designed to avoid the boredom of children because they are only at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you want cakes, pizza, donuts, to ice cream, children only need to draw the food they want and scan them using the latest Delivery Doodles feature in the Grab application.

Delivery Doodles will predict the image of the food and provide recommendations on a number of nearby restaurants that have food on their menu list to be delivered to customers. Although it has only been launched in Indonesia, Grab Food Delivery Doodles has actually been introduced in other countries, such as Malaysia (May 22) and Vietnam (May 25).

Employees Donated More Than 10,000 Doodles

As for the technicalities, Grab Food Delivery Doodles is built based on Google’s machine learning model that is able to recognize various images of local dishes such as Martabak, Fried Rice, Fried Banana, and Geprek Chicken.

In total, more than 10,000 images were contributed by Grab employees, Google, and their relatives to help teach computer systems to recognize various types of children’s drawings.

Collaborating with Google, Grab Introduces Delivery Doodles Feature

The supporting technology of Grab Delivery Doodles is a machine learning model that has been customized and built using tensorflow.js which is run on a device in near real-time.

Most parents and children involved in the process have also become models and videographers of a simple Do It Yourself demo video that explains how this feature works.

“We hope this feature will be useful and also provide a pleasant experience for families who now spend more time at home while helping business continuity throughout the region,” concluded Aurélien Pichon, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Operations Google in its official statement on Monday (1/6/2020).

The Feature is Quite Easy to Use

This Grab Delivery Doodles feature is assisted by Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) system. Regional Country Marketing Head Grab, Sulin Lau, said the collaborative initiative with Google is expected to provide new experiences for customers, especially children aged 4-10 years to make food orders during the pandemic.

“While at home, parents can run out of ideas about food every day. Grab Delivery Doodles are a great way to engage children creatively and teach them to respect food while supporting the local food business on our platform,” Lau was quoted as saying on the website official Grab Malaysia, Friday (05/29/2020).

Collaborating with Google, Grab Introduces Delivery Doodles Feature

Children only need to draw their favorite foods and then scan their drawing using this feature. Delivery Doodle feature on Grab App will ‘guess’ the picture of the food and give a suggestion for the nearest restaurant that sells the food.

To use the service, users only need to open the Grab application. Then open the Delivery Doodles feature, then take a picture of food made. Later, the Delivery Doodles feature predicts images of these foods and provides recommendations for nearby restaurants.

Then, you only need to order food and drinks through GrabFood. This innovation will certainly help Grab compete with other companies. Moreover, now DANA, Google, Instagram, Shopee to Tokopedia provide food-delivery services since the Covid-19 pandemic.