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Grab Indonesia Released a Special Program to Help Driver-partners

Grab Released a Special Program to Help Driver-partners

Grab Indonesia continued financial relaxation measures in the form of credit restructuring and delay in rental fees to ease the burden on the driver’s partner facing the impact of Covid-19.

This decacorn, together with the vehicle rental company PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TPI), launched a program that is expected to help sustain the income of driver-partners, which is done without going through previous verification requirements.

Grab Released a Special Program to Help Driver-partners

This program applies to all TPI driver-partners, which are divided into two classifications, namely Gold and Flexi + and Sahabat Rental. In general, this relaxation package is carried out in several time phases, namely April-May and June and thereafter.

In the first phase, Gold and Flexi + drivers are given a rental payment delay of two months. New Rental fees will be recalculated in early June. While for Sahabat Rental drivers, they are exempt from the rental costs for the period April – May 2020, and receive health and life insurance worth Rp 10 million.

“We are looking for solutions that are the meeting point of all parties, the driver certainly needs to be assisted and TPI also maintains its business continuity. The principle of this relaxation program is win-win and transparency,” Neneng Goenadi, Managing Director of Grab Indonesia through said her statement on Wednesday (5/27/2020).

Previously, Grab had succeeded in bridging the credit restructuring process for driver-partners with financing companies from the OTO group and BCA Finance. Entering the second phase, which will run in June, Gold and Flexi + drivers will only pay 25% of the obligation each month.

The Company Prioritizes Their Permanent Partners

While the Sahabat Rental category for the TPI Jakarta area was changed to a new program, the June COVID-19 Special Program, in which the partner only pays a flat rental fee of IDR 50 thousand per day, which is designated for the driver’s partner who is currently active.

“Under these conditions, we prioritize the most important, namely partners can still operate by maximizing the opportunities available,” Neneng said.

Grab Released a Special Program to Help Driver-partners

Arief from Solid Community, a representative of the Jakarta driver’s partner, said that he understood the scheme that was issued. “Indeed this is a difficult condition. The important thing is, our burdens have been reduced so that the income from the trips that have been reduced still can be brought home.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic Grab has held several programs to help maintain the income of its partners, both GrabCar and GrabBike driver-partners, and GrabFood merchant partners and Grab Kios.

Grab Protect Provides Safer Services for Passengers and Drivers

Entering June, Grab will improve its fleet services through Grab Protect, in the form of a car with insulation between the driver and passengers, the use of masks and hand sanitizers, as well as hygiene and health care standards following the Covid-19 handling protocol.

GrabProtect fleet cars are regularly cleaned with disinfectants at special posts provided by Grab. The program continues to provide 5,000 GrabProtect special four-wheel fleet services spread throughout Indonesia.

Grab Released a Special Program to Help Driver-partners

Neneng from Grab said that security and health had been the focus of Grab, and were intensified during this pandemic.

She emphasized that the program will continue to provide 5,000 GrabProtect special four-wheel fleet services throughout Indonesia. According to him, security and health have been the focus of Grab, and more intensified during this pandemic.

“GrabProtect is a tangible form of GrabForGood in providing a positive impact from every technological innovation that we present. We hope this can protect people who still have to carry out activities outside their homes during PSBB,” she concluded.

During the pandemic, Grab did launch a number of programs to help maintain its partners’ income. Both the partners GrabCar and GrabBike and merchant partners GrabFood and GrabKios.