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GoWork Coworking Space Review: What You Should Know

GoWork Coworking Space Review: What You Should Know

If you are in a need of a great coworking space, GoWork Chubb Square would make a great option on your list. This communal working space is located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia, offering such an impressive interior design and cozy atmosphere. 

It’s no secret that GoWork has been continuously committed to create an inspiring coworking area from the start. By renting a space at GoWork, you will have a chance to meet other likeminded people from creators to artists and from freelancers to entrepreneurs. 

GoWork Coworking Space Review: What You Should Know

Considering the environment, working in a shared space like GoWork should encourage your productivity since it is designed to be this way. You will simply switch into a productive mode once walking through the doors of GoWork. If you think of expanding your business, GoWork should serve you best too.

GoWork has everything you need including tools and networks that can support your business’ goal. More interestingly, GoWork is located in a highly strategic area in the heart of Jakarta. You will have such easy access to anywhere around the city when renting a space at GoWork.

What GoWork Offers to You

Well, knowing some of the points above is not enough to determine whether you should rent a space at GoWork or not. In some conditions, you probably don’t need to rent a communal space like GoWork. That’s why we have put together several good reasons to consider GoWork.

  • Community Aspect

We cannot deny that engaging with other professionals is one of the top advantages as you work in a coworking area. At this point, GoWork makes a great bet considering it often hosts community events where you can meet others and flash your stunning smile. 

Moreover, you can even expect to join GoWork online platform when becoming its member. This way, you are allowed to chat with other GoWork members and access other GoWork coworking venues worldwide. GoWork also provides you with membership discounts, particularly on business services.

GoWork Coworking Space Review: What You Should Know
  • Available Facilities 

Then, what kind of facilities should a GoWork membership expect? GoWork delivers high-speed internet connection to make sure every member stays connected. Printing facilities are also available if you need to see words on paper. If you need a spot to discuss something, GoWork also offers stunning meeting rooms.

GoWork communal space is also open for 24 hours, making it easy to decide when you want to start or stop working. A roomy and fancy lounge area is also available at GoWork. You can use this space to enjoy coffee or simply have a chat with other GoWork members. 

Membership Plans at GoWork 

When it comes to membership plans, GoWork offers various options for you. To rent a one-month private office with 24-hour access, you are required to spend around IDR 6.700.000 for one person. If you want to try first, GoWork offers a one-day membership plan.

For the one-day membership plan at GoWork, you need to spend around IDR 125.000 only. Different from the one-month membership type, you can only access GoWork space during the reception hours with a one-day hot desk plan. However, you can still enjoy a lot of GoWork’s amenities.

GoWork Coworking Space Review: What You Should Know

Personal lockers, Skype room, and kitchen are accessible for all GoWork members. You can also enjoy drinking water and coffee for free at GoWork. For your health benefits, GoWork has utilized ergonomic chairs to make you convenient during your working time. 

In conclusion, doing some jobs in a coworking venue should be amazing considering the facilities available. GoWork makes a good example with its complete facilities and engaging community. So, there is no reason to get bored with your current workspace situation as long as there is a coworking space nearby.