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Grab Provides Training to Five Startups to Help MSMEs

Grab Provides Training to Five Startups to Help MSMEs

Grab announced the five finalists of the third wave of the Grab Velocity Ventures startup development program. These five start-up companies are expected to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Grab Indonesia’s Managing Director Neneng Goenadi noted, 60% of culinary MSMEs were affected by Covid-19. Thirty percent of sales has been dropped significantly. Therefore, the company focuses on helping MSMEs in the culinary field affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Grab Provides Training to Five Startups to Help MSMEs

“Many MSMEs have decreased sales because of Covid-19 and Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB),” she said during a virtual press conference on Friday (5/15). Moreover, 80% of Grab’s partners were MSMEs. At least, the company had attracted 400 thousand more GrabFood merchants in Indonesia.

Therefore, Grab chose five startups who will participate in the Grab Velocity Ventures development program. These five are Luna POS’s cash register or point of sales (POS), KliknClean disinfectant service providers, Workmate employee management, Printerous low-cost printing, and GetCraft demand growth.

They were selected from a total of more than 100 applicants for the Grab Velocity Ventures program. “The finalists will help the MSME’s operations and business,” Neneng said.

These Five Startups Will Enter Grab’s Ecosystem

Grab also provides opportunities for the five startups to enter the ecosystem. That way, their services will be available in the Grab application. In addition, the five startups will receive guidance for 16 weeks.

Co-founder and CTO Luna POS Reynaldi Oeoen hopes to contribute more to the economy, especially MSMEs affected by the corona pandemic. The same thing was stated by the Co-founder and CEO of KliknClean Hendra Tjong.

Grab Provides Training to Five Startups to Help MSMEs

“Our services play quite an important role during the Covid-19 period. The disinfecting fogging service prevents viruses or bacteria,” he said.

During this program, selected startups will test their services to the GrabFood merchant base. Interested merchants can register with Grab which will then be connected to the service of the startup. The services offered are expected to help them improve performance while reducing operational costs.

“Later, of our 400 thousand merchants, how many will use the services of these 5 finalists, how many merchants are onboarding and regularly. That is the success or failure criteria. We invest significantly through the master class and one-on-one guidance,” Neneng said.

Another startup, Printerous can help MSMEs create special designs, packaging, and strengthen brands. Then, GetCraft can provide marketing services through creative networks. While the Workmate will assist MSMEs in terms of recruitment and management of Human Resources (HR).

Neneng emphasized that what Grab did to the GVV finalist startup was not to provide funding but to increase the capabilities of its founder.

GVV Collaborates With BRI Ventures

Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate said this pandemic has provided challenges for the community including MSME and Startup Indonesia business people. However, this situation is also a “coercion” to accelerate digitalization and increase the potential of the digital economy.

“Such programs can certainly support the strengthening of the digital economic ecosystem, especially in the” new normal “period due to the pandemic,” he said.

Grab Provides Training to Five Startups to Help MSMEs

Class III GVV registration is open from the beginning of the year until the end of March. Grab also collaborated with BRI Ventures to fund startups resulting from GVV acceleration. BRI Ventures CEO Nicko Widjaja said he would aggressively help and be involved in funding startups that passed the third batch of GVV.

“The BRI Group has a large ecosystem. The focus is SMEs. We will do how to get involved (in funding) with this sector,” Nicko said.

Although not mentioning the value of its investment, the composition of funding from BRI Ventures is half of the total funds prepared for GVV batch III. The other half comes from Grab Indonesia.