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Indonesian agritech startups are something that many people should know. Because it can be the basic foundation for the economic development of the Indonesian people.
YDBA with Sayurbox Invites Young People to Farm
Fintech Crowdo Collaborates with eFishery to Give Loans to Fish Farmers
Farmers Gain Profits from Herbal Plants and Digital Applications
Opportunities for Farmers to Make Profit through Agritech Startups
TaniHub Will Build Agricultural Product Distribution Center Outside Java
A Fishery Startup, eFishery Receives Series B Funding
Collaborating with TaniHub, PT Pertani Targets to Sell 150,000 Tons of Rice
Crowde Offers Farmers' Capital Loans with Harvest Deposit Provisions
Gardening Trends during Pandemic, TaniHub Helps to Sell the Harvests