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Tumbasin.id Facilitates People to Shop for Groceries

Tumbasin.id Facilitates People to Shop for Groceries

Tumbasin.id is an application that can be a solution when residents of Semarang City have difficulty shopping for food and groceries. This facility is the right choice when it comes to social distancing in order to prevent Covid-19.

The application was introduced to the public by the name of Tumbasin.id. It was the youth and students in the city of Semarang who created the application. They also collaborate with the Semarang City Government.

Tumbasin.id Facilitates People to Shop for Groceries

Tumbasin.id is an application that offers food ingredients delivery services directly from traditional markets. Such as vegetables, seafood, side dishes, fruit, snacks, and groceries can be purchased through the application.

The application will greatly help the people of Semarang City in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. No need to leave the house, only armed with gadgets and clicks, food quality guaranteed to reach home.

Serving Delivery in Semarang

Tumbasin.id shopping application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. In the application, Tumbasin.id also provides several traditional market choices in Semarang. So consumers can still shop at their favorite markets.

The markets included in the application include Karangayu Market, Peterongan Market, Pedurungan Market, and Bulu Market.

Through the Tumbasin.id application, consumers can also submit special requests related to food that will be ordered. For example, consumers ask for fish that have been cleaned, Tumbasin.id can help realize.

Bayu also said that if the payment process can be done via transfer or when food is delivered to consumers’ homes. Consumers can place orders starting at 00.00 WIB until 08.00 WIB. If it exceeds that hour, food will be sent the next day. Tumbasin.id also sends only until 11.00 WIB.

Tumbasin.id Facilitates People to Shop for Groceries

Tumbasin.Id Marked an Increase in Demand during Covid-19

Tumbasin.id startup which is an online shopping application in traditional markets can now be enjoyed by people in Yogyakarta, as well as a solution to meet their daily needs in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Through this application, people who are active outside activities will certainly be minimized so that the risk of contact to the spread of COVID-19 is also more minimal without reducing the fulfillment of household clothing and food needs.

Bayu Mahendra Saubiq, Tumbasin.id’s Chief Executive Officer, said that in a pandemic like now, the community would be more careful to go to the market which is one of the points of the crowd. Therefore, this digital vegetable messaging application facilitates daily needs.

Bayu said this application has 500 types of products in each market from 250 market traders who have joined, including traders in Peterongan Market, Karangayu Market, Fur Market, Pedurungan Market for the City of Semarang.

Meanwhile, Tumbasin.id noted application users for the last three years are as many as 30,000 people with active users reaching 500 people every day. Bayu said that for the Jogjakarta region, his party will hold traders from Giwangan Market and Kotagede Market.

Tumbasin.id Facilitates People to Shop for Groceries

Some Products Have Increased in Demand

As for the pandemic, some products have increased demand, especially in spices such as ginger, red ginger and turmeric.

“In the city of Semarang has served approximately tens of thousands of transactions since the pandemic occurred. Tumbasin.id offers an easy shopping system for the public and also traders,” he said on Friday (29/5).

In addition, he also provides market options that at the same time bring orders to market traders who have collaborated with guaranteed quality products delivered.

“For delivery, we have collaborated with third parties, so that tumbasin.id is focused on maintaining the quality of the products ordered to traders,” he concluded.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bayu admitted that Tumbasin.id always conducted health protocols when buying food on the market. He also said if wearing gloves in the packaging process.