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Three Startups Will Represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Competition

Three Startups Will Represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Competition

Startup Weekend Indonesia Covid-19 Online, organized by KUMPUL, a proponent of the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia, supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information and local coworking networks gathering participants from all over Indonesia to compete in creating a digital startup that can offer innovation in overcoming problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The extreme impact in various sectors due to the Covid-19 pandemic inspired many to intervene to help find solutions in various ways, one of which was through the formation of startups.

Three Startups Will Represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Competition

This event has been held for 54 hours online on 24-26 April 2020. This event is also supported by industrial sectors such as Telkomsel and PT Bank DBS.

Startup Weekend Indonesia Covid-19 Online has one main focus which is to find solutions using technology and online platforms to overcome problems that occur due to the pandemic that is happening all over the world.

Attended by 1,490 participants from 29 provinces throughout Indonesia, this online event is the largest Online Covid-19 Startup Weekend in the Asia Pacific and the second-largest worldwide.

“We hope that the startups born from Startup Weekend Indonesia Covid-19 Online will not only generate ideas but can also be implemented immediately so that they can have a significant and concrete impact on the community,” Faye Alund said, CEO & Co-founder of KUMPUL in a statement it said, Monday (4/27/2020).

3 Startups Are Chosen As the Winner of the Competition

After following the canvas model business learning process, market validation, prototype development, and pitching guided by 50 mentors with various business and startup expertise backgrounds, 3 startup team winners were selected:

  1. MediKatalog, a marketplace platform for medical devices and medicines, initiated by Azhar Rafiq as Champion 1;
  2. Cook Like A Chef, a platform for cooking solutions complete with verified recipes and food delivery services. Initiated by Raynald Yudistira, this startup won 2nd place;
  3. MentorKU, an interactive education platform that provides mentoring and career consulting services initiated by Jesha Vebrattie as Champion 3.
Three Startups Will Represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Competition

Faye also stressed that one of the keys to the success of the Indonesian Startup Weekend, which was first run online, was due to the involvement of the coworking network in Indonesia, as an ecosystem builder that has the power to drive communities.

This time too, as many as 6 KUMPUL coworking network partners in various regions also collaborated in the implementation of this prestigious competition, namely Impala Network (Semarang), Ngalup.co (Malang), MeetUp Coworking (Pekanbaru), CreateIT (Bandung), One Tampa (Manado) ), and Borneo Startup (Banjarmasin).

Besides These Three Startups, One Startup Was Chosen As Judge’s Favorite

Azhar Rafiq revealed that as a platform for buying and selling automated PPE inventory of hospitals, MediKatalog hopes to help stabilize PPE stock from production to use of medical personnel so that it can help break the Covid-19 chain and protect medical personnel and the public in Indonesia.

Azhar said that initially, the idea of ​​startup started from his anxiety to see the scarcity of PPE which affected senior seniors as medical personnel, especially doctors.

Three Startups Will Represent Indonesia in the Global Startup Competition

In addition to the three winners above, there is also the category of judge’s favorite which was won by SekolahID. The selected startup will represent Indonesia in the Top 20 Global Winner Startup Weekend and compete with other startups from countries around the world to find who has the most interesting and best ideas to solve the problems that exist due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The digital economy industry in Indonesia has a huge opportunity. This was stated by Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan during the judging. As the Director General for Information Technology at the Ministry of Communication and Information, he encouraged startups that had not yet been selected to continue their ideas.