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Gojek, Grab, OVO & Tokopedia Employees will Work at Home

Gojek, Grab, OVO & Tokopedia Employees will Work at Home

Decacorns and unicorns in Indonesia such as Gojek, OVO and Tokopedia issued a policy that employees work from home to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. The same thing was applied by decacorn from Singapore, Grab in the country.

Grab Indonesia’s Public Relations Manager Andre Sebastian said the office in Jakarta was temporarily closed during March 12-17 because there was a thorough cleaning. “Employees will work from home during this process,” he told Katadata.co.id, Monday (3/16).

Gojek, Grab, OVO & Tokopedia Employees will Work at Home

This step is one of the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Since the first case was confirmed in Indonesia, Grab requires sick employees not to come to work and declare a travel history declaration.

Grab also cleans the office using disinfectants and provides hand sanitizer. Employees who handle customers both driver-partners and users are also equipped with health masks. The same thing was done by Gojek.

“For employees, we have carried out various initiatives to minimize risk,” said Chief Corporate Affairs Gojek Nila Marita. The intended initiative is body temperature measurement, preparing business continuity plans, banning international work trips, and providing training on co-19.

The company also distributes masks, hand sanitizers and vitamins, work-from-home trials, and routine office cleaning.

The company also provides information regarding the coronavirus outbreak to consumers, both driver-partners and users through sharing communication channels such as in-app notification features and periodic face-to-face events with partners.

During the Next Week, OVO Applies WFH Policy

A startup in the field of financial technology (fintech) payments, OVO also asks employees to work at home as a form of social distancing starting today (16/3). To ensure that services run normally, coordination is virtually done for the next week.

OVO President Director Karaniya Dharmasaputra said this policy was a response from President Joko Widodo’s statement to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. “OVO fully supports government directives to curb the spread of COVID-19, which has now become a global pandemic,” he said in a written statement on Monday.

Gojek, Grab, OVO & Tokopedia Employees will Work at Home

OVO President Director Karaniya Dharmasaputra said, the company carries out thorough cleaning at the office every week, checks body temperature every day, and medical consultations. “Today, OVO has decided to impose a week-long work from home system trial for nearly a thousand employees across Indonesia,” he said in a press release.

Karaniya added that the WFH policy would be applied to around 1,000 OVO employees over the next week. Nevertheless, this policy is still on probation. So, later there will still be some employees who enter the OVO office.

“During this trial period, several teams will continue to carry out activities in the office on certain days, in turn, to do technical things, in order to ensure the smooth operation of employees and services,” he said.

A Similar Policy is also done by Tokopedia

Tokopedia Vice President of Corporate Communications Nuraini Razak said that the company requires employees to work at home for one full week starting today Monday, March 16, 2020. This follows President Joko Widodo’s or Jokowi’s directives to do more activities at home, in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Corona (Covid-19).

Gojek, Grab, OVO & Tokopedia Employees will Work at Home

“Tokopedia requires all employees to work from home for a full week, starting today,” said Tokopedia Nuraini Razak, VP of Corporate Communications.

Users can access the Tokopedia service as usual. To make it easier for consumers to find health products such as vitamins, antiseptics, health masks, hand sanitizers, and other basic necessities, the company runs a Healthy Care and Complete Home Inventory campaign.

“Tokopedia also continues to educate sellers on our platform to ensure that health products and other basic needs are sold at market prices,” Nuraini said.