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Dojo Bali a Coworking Space with Sophisticated Beach View

Dojo Bali a Coworking Space with Sophisticated Beach View

Located in Canggu that is known for its awesome tourist destinations, Dojo comes as the first coworking venue in this region. Since the space is located near some of the best Canggu beaches, you will get the opportunity to explore them while making sure your jobs are done.

If you have ever dreamed of doing your job in a convenient outdoor place, go for a coworking space in Bali. It’s no secret that Bali is a favorable place for tourists to visit during vacation seasons. However, Bali is also a perfect place for all digital nomads out there.

Dojo Bali a Coworking Space with Sophisticated Beach View

With countless coworking that has a traditional Balinese view, digital nomads from all around the world have gathered in Bali to enjoy the luxury of working out the offices. Not only digital nomads, but freelancers, entrepreneurs, and likes can also enjoy one of those cozy coworking spaces in Bali.

Among the number of coworking spaces available on this island, Dojo is among the most discussed ones. One of the reasons is because Dojo offers a beautiful blue-ocean view, making it an ideal place to work while rejuvenating your minds.

Everything You Need to Know about Dojo Bali

Dojo will welcome you with highly outgoing staff and members, making it comfortable to take part in the community even for a first-timer. Considering this quality, it is undeniable that Dojo promises to be more than just a coworking venue. Instead, Dojo is more like a flourishing community.

  • Dojo Bali Environment 

The sociable environment of Dojo is supported by local staff and numerous international members. This environment delivers a great place to learn further about the world with its diverse perspectives. It allows you to never stop learning at Dojo with all the enthusiastic people here.

  • Dojo Location

As mentioned above, Dojo’s location is near to Canggu beaches. Dojo is particularly near to the famous white sand Echo Beach that is only 100m away from the workspace. You can easily find a bunch of quick bite choices and sea-side cafes around Dojo.

Dojo Bali a Coworking Space with Sophisticated Beach View
  • Dojo Interior Design and Facilities

When it comes to design, Dojo is also beautiful. This coworking venue is set in a classy two-story villa that comes with traditional flooring and high ceilings. A collection of personalized ergonomic furniture is available all around the Dojo space, so you can easily choose the perfect one.

The facilities offered by Dojo are also pretty inclusive. You can enjoy rapid internet connection, private lockers, meeting rooms, a library, and even an art gallery. If you need some privacy while doing a video conference, Dojo also provides its members with Skype booths. 

Dojo Bali Community Events and Costs

Most people will love Dojo’s swimming pool since it has become the most favorite spot to work and chill out around this space. The swimming pool allows you to embrace the tropical life by soaking your body with the sun and working on your tanned skins. 

However, Dojo is indeed not only about its beautiful swimming pool and beach-view workspace, but it is also about an encouraging community. You can participate in various regular events including laid-back beach activity and weekly entrepreneurial training as a Dojo member. 

Dojo Bali a Coworking Space with Sophisticated Beach View

You don’t need to worry since Dojo also makes printer, photocopier, and scanner available in its space. If you want to simply chill out after doing your jobs, Dojo also has several relax zones including lounge and outdoor terrace. For the price, Dojo membership plan is starting at IDR 225.000.

All in all, Dojo has become an interesting coworking venue for a lot of digital nomads, photographers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to enjoy the luxury of working outside the offices. With 24-hour access, Dojo allows people to make the most of their time in a Balinese coworking space.