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Recommended Coworking Space in Bali for More Cheerful Workday

Recommended Coworking Space in Bali for More Cheerful Workday

Visiting coworking space in Bali can be a good choice when you need to work, but want some vacation at the same time. It’s no secret that coworking space has become a nice place to work since it typically offers something different from traditional offices.

There are many good reasons to work from a coworking space, especially one in Bali. Coworking workspace is the perfect alternative to working outside your office. Not only provide a place to do your job, but coworking space also offers loads of perks with space.

You can find workout spaces, conference rooms, food services, and many other amenities. Interestingly, working in a coworking space gives you networking opportunities as well. There are many people from different industries who share this workspace. But after all, coworking space in Bali can also help you increase productivity.

The social mood of a coworking environment promotes people to get into work. Being surrounded by committed professions every day can be a great motivator as well. Working at a coworking space can boost your passion too, resulting in a more cheerful workday. Now, read on to learn some recommendations of Bali coworking space.

Best Coworking Space in Ubud, Bali

We can’t deny that Ubud is one of the busiest areas in Bali. It offers a lot of beautiful destinations that make a great choice for spending your holiday. But, if you are a digital nomad or freelancer looking for a place to work, Ubud also has some great coworking spaces.

  • Hubud

When we are talking about coworking space in Bali, Hubud shouldn’t be forgotten. This is known as the first co-working space in Ubud, Bali. This space is designed with an open-air idea and roomy areas completed by facilities like a photocopy machine, scanner, printer, and meeting room. You can also find a café here.

  • Littletalks Ubud

Littletalks is a café and library in Ubud that allows you to work, read, and dine while enjoying the breathtaking Campuhan River. Here, you have a chance to meet a bunch of creatives and writers. You can also enjoy a variety of books, cakes, local coffee, and Indonesian cuisines.

  • Roam Ubud

Either day or night, you can work on your job conveniently in Roam Ubud. This coworking space in Bali offers a chance to work from your notebook in the rooftop café. This place often holds weekly meetings as well as community activities like social gatherings and cooking classes.

There is another coworking spacewhich is located in Ubud. Outpost is among the recommended option. This is a coworking space that offers a tropical view. It’s also known as a Google-inspired workspace and is situated in a quiet location. It provides a communal lounge, locker, seminar room, and many more.

Best Coworking Space in Legian, Bali

Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to scale up their business can find coworking space in Legian too. Similar to Ubud, Legian also offers lots of beauty and soothing atmosphere. If you want to work during your stay in Legian, here are some recommended coworking spaces to visit.

Hubbali is well-known to be a coworking space that offers the best rate possible. Hubbali Legian offers a relaxing ambiance at a strategic location. This coworking space in Bali is perfect for professional freelancers or employees who need a soothing getaway without leaving their office works.

In addition to the one in Legian, Hubbali is also located in Nusa Dua. This coworking space is suitable for startups which are arranging a satellite office in Bali. To enjoy the facilities of Hubbali Legian, the cost is starting at IDR 1,500,000 per month for unlimited access to communal space.

Best Coworking Space in Kuta, Bali

Kuta is another popular area for tourists in Bali. Offering a variety of destinations, Kuta makes a great option when you want to spend an amazing holiday. But, when your job is calling, there are some coworking spaces available. Here are some of the recommended ones.

  • Lineup Hub

Lineup Hub is a coworking space in Bali which is close to the surf spots and beaches. But, it is situated away from the congested tourist space. It offers high-speed internet connection as well as a few relaxing spots like a rooftop area and café. Different collections of working area are also available.

  • Kembali

This coworking space is like a home with a balanced environment. It provides a meaningful solution for the local environment through technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity. This coworking space is managed by Kumpul coworking which has been united with a network of stakeholders with diverse strength.

More interestingly, they often collaborate with some international programs and projects as well. For this reason, you can find many opportunities to get engaged or connected. This coworking space in Bali is very flexible with a variety of pricing options. You can access the space hourly, daily, or monthly.

Best Coworking Space in Other Locations

In addition to some of the areas above, you can also find coworking spaces in other locations. If you are around Echo Beach in Canggu, there is Dojo Bali. This coworking space is located just one minute walk from the beach. It is easy to reach and near many businesses as well.

This coworking space aims to create a successful, collaborative community which believes in work-life balance, productivity, positive social and environmental change, as well as shared knowledge. This coworking space in Bali also offers a nice garden and pool to relax. The working facilities are fantastic as well.

Livit Spaces is another coworking space that you can find in Bali. This place is located in Gianyar, Bali. This coworking space isn’t only a coworking environment, but also a co-living and shared office. It provides a productive environment for team members and entrepreneurs to focus on their work.

In conclusion, visiting some of these coworking spaces in Bali can be a great choice to improve your productivity, network, and flexibility. With a comfortable environment and complete working facilities, there’s no doubt that you will have a cheerful workday at a coworking space in Bali.