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Pintek & Pintaria Strategy to Attract Students in New Normal

Pintek & Pinteria Strategy to Attract Students in New Normal

Fintech P2P Lending Pintek cooperates with Pintaria as a life-long learning platform to help the community improve education in the maximum use of technology. Through online learning as part of the journey of the creation of education 4.0 in Indonesia by educating the millennial generation to understand the effectiveness of online learning.

“As a P2P Lending fintech, Pintek is ready to distribute the funding needed by students taking online-based classes,” Head of Commercial Pintek Yasser M Saiful said last Friday, (29/5).

Pintek & Pintaria Strategy to Attract Students in New Normal

He added, online learning also has positive things for students in Indonesia. That is because if you want to go to education 4.0, students need to maximize technology in order to be able to compete while increasing competence in the world of work.

Meanwhile, Pintaria Head of Marketing Communication Zaneti Sugiharti added that online lectures and online learning are not new in Indonesia. He asserted since 2018 Pintaria has offered various kinds of lecture programs organized by 10 Indonesian universities.

Prepare Special Strategies to Deal with the New Normal

The Pintek financial technology startup and online learning platform Pintaria prepared a number of strategies to deal with the new normal of corona pandemic. Both of them estimate that the use of student loan platforms and online learning facilities will increase during the new normal period.

VP of Commercial Pintek Patricia Sanjoto said loans to both students and educational institutions had declined in the first quarter of this year. The co-19 pandemic also disrupted student study plans in the second quarter.

“Because there is a decrease in the number of students taking courses, the loan application for course fees is reduced,” he said on Friday (5/29).

However, lending is expected to increase again in the third quarter of this year or the new normal period. Some campuses will open student registration and it is already clear when students will start a new school year.

“The condition is likely the need to pay installments in semester fees or tuition fees increases,” Patricia said.

Pintek & Pintaria Strategy to Attract Students in New Normal

It Is Predicted That the Trend of Student Needs in the New Normal Era will Shift

Pintek also prepares strategies to deal with the new normal period in order to attract students. According to him, when new is normal some trends in student loan needs will shift.

“We see an increased potential for the need for devices such as laptops and the internet to carry out online learning,” he said.

To date, Pintek has extended loans to more than 3 thousand students and 100 educational institutions. About Rp. 48 billion in loan funds have been channeled to both students and institutions. Meanwhile, Pintaria Head of Marketing & Communication Zaneti Sugiharti said, online learning platforms on campus would remain in demand during the new normal period.

“When it is normal, we expect that there is no difference in our services. Because so far almost everything can be done online,” Zaneti said.

He explained, the use of Pintaria services actually increased during the pandemic. “Because what students used to do was blended learning, now everything has become online during the pandemic,” he said.

Pintek & Pintaria Strategy to Attract Students in New Normal

Digital Literacy Efforts Continue to be made to Deal with New Normal

As for facing the new normal period, Zaneti said the company would continue to carry out digital literacy. Because, in Indonesia the current education community has not been able to effectively carry out online learning activities.

According to him, the effectiveness of online learning will only be felt in the next five years. Online learning faces obstacles, ranging from infrastructure as well as new learning methods.

“Online learning requires independence and discipline. It affects the effectiveness,” he said. The Pintaria platform is owned by the educational technology startup HarukaEDU. Now, Pintaria has collaborated with 20 educational institutions. The platform has been used by around 4 thousand students.