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Driver Partners Account Security, Gojek Presents Face-recognition Feature

Driver Partners Account Security, Gojek Presents Face-recognition Feature

Gojek has just announced the presence of the latest features aimed at the driver-partners, namely, Face Verification or Face Recognition. This feature is a form of Gojek’s commitment to security and service convenience on its platform.

The driver-partners, both Go-Ride, and Go-Car, inevitably have to get used to doing face verification the first time they log in or randomly when activating an application.

Through this feature, the driver’s partner will be asked to verify the face before accepting the customer’s order. So, this feature will recognize the face of the partner when you first log in the application or when activating the application randomly.

Not just a matter of safety, this feature also addresses the needs of the driver’s partner and also the customer. According to Gojek, this feature helped strengthen the Safe Together Gojek initiative launched earlier this year.

“The face verification feature can guarantee the suitability of data and information while protecting the security of driver-partner accounts from potential crime or account misuse. For customers, the application of this feature in the driver application ensures a safe and comfortable experience when using the Gojek service,” said Gojek Chief of Operations Officer Hans Patuwo in an official statement received on Friday (24/7/2020).

In presenting this feature, Gojek also considers the ease and comfort of its partners. Therefore, the unicorn startup uses advanced technology with a high degree of accuracy.

The Verification Process Is Short

With the use of this technology, the verification process can take place in a short time and does not interfere with the driver’s partner when verifying before or after carrying out the transaction.

“Accounts become more secure, avoiding the efforts of unscrupulous people who try to hijack Gojek driver partner accounts. Customer trust must also increase, said one of the Gojek driver partners from Jakarta, Irwanto.

This Face Verification feature is also part of Gojek SHIELD, a series of advanced and comprehensive technologies built to protect customers and driver-partners. One of the features present from this technology is disguising telephone numbers.

Then, there are also chat interventions that will alert customers if suspicious activity is detected. Gojek also applies artificial intelligence-based technology to identify various types of illegal use of applications.

Besides technology, Gojek also prioritizes educational steps in ensuring the safety of customers and partner partners.

Working closely with various parties including the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University, Gojek took the front step to improve the digital literacy of the people related to security.

Grab has Launched the Face Verification Feature First

Passenger face verification is a face recognition technology when first using the application via selfie directly. This innovation increases protection from crime on driver-partners and serves as crime prevention.

Managing Director of Grab Indonesia Neneng Goenadi explained that face recognition technology functions to prevent criminals from planning criminal acts, especially for drivers. Previously, the technology was applied to drivers in the middle of last year to protect customers, he said further.

This feature is useful for passengers who join the Grab for the first time have to do face verification directly as a form of identification before ordering a vehicle for the first time. Drivers are also required to periodically verify faces to be able to enter the application being used.

Neneng revealed, most of the crimes involving customers were committed by those who were using the application for the first time. For this reason, facial recognition technology works to prevent criminals from planning criminal acts and increase protection for driver-partners against these crimes.

She claims with face verification, the trend of criminal cases involving drivers and passengers decreased by around 45 percent during the trial period in mid-January-April 2019.