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AWS Helps Sociolla Presents Integrated User Experience

Amazon Web Services

Sociolla, which was originally a retail e-commerce website for beauty products, in 2019 then added its channel through physical retail stores in Lippo Mall Puri and in Kota Kasablanka.

Not just adding channels, Social Bella Indonesia as a company that houses Sociolla, also presents an integrated user experience between its online and offline stores. The goal is certainly to improve the Sociolla user experience.

AWS Helps Sociolla Presents Integrated User Experience
AWS Helps Sociolla Presents Integrated User Experience

The IT infrastructure (information technology) utilized by Social Bella Indonesia to deliver an integrated user experience comes from AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Social Bella Indonesia has indeed been using AWS since Sociolla was six months old. Because the features offered by AWS make it easy for Sociolla to continue to grow. This was said by Social Bella Indonesia in Jakarta recently.

“We started as e-commerce, initially, in 2015. So, for our four years, almost five years we are standing now, we’ve grown much bigger than just e-commerce, but we’ve become like the whole platform ecosystem for the beauty industry itself. So, if for example, we describe we have a company: we are a beauty tech company, “said Christopher Madiam (Co-founder & President, Social Bella Indonesia) regarding Social Bella Indonesia.

“Indeed, if we talk about the cloud, in, yes in the world, that’s right AWS is indeed the biggest market share and he’s the one who is the pioneer, yes, the earliest provides this, and indeed for e-commerce itself, he is quite complete and comprehensive to provide the features we need, “Christopher Madiam explained again about the selection of AWS by his company while emphasizing the scalability made possible by AWS.

Retail, Media and Brand Development Are Social Bella’s Focus

Social Bella Indonesia now has three main business lines, namely retail, media and brand development. At retail there is a Sociolla which consists of www.sociolla.com and Sociolla Store; in the media, there are Beauty Journal and SOCO; while in brand development, Social Bella Indonesia, among others, facilitates the distribution of brand products that work together throughout Indonesia, both online and offline.

As for the AWS cloud computing service used by Social Bella Indonesia, it covers a variety of basic and further services. Social Bella Indonesia, for example, uses Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift.

AWS Helps Sociolla Presents Integrated User Experience
AWS Helps Sociolla Presents Integrated User Experience

Meanwhile, the integrated user experience between Sociolla’s online retail store and Sociolla’s physical retail store, among others, presents information such as the benefits and reviews of a product when the user views the product in Sociolla Store, not only on the Sociolla website.

The information is like the price of the same product on both channels; rewards are present both when users shop at Sociolla’s physical retail stores and at Sociolla’s online retail stores; and taking products purchased through www.sociolla.com at the Sociolla Store by users.

In addition, information on shipping products purchased at the Sociolla Store from www.sociolla.com to the user’s home when the product is not available at the Sociolla Store can also be obtained easily. In order for users to enjoy this integrated experience, users must use the SOCO Application.

Social Bella Guarantees the Products They Sell Are Original

In addition to offering an integrated user experience, Social Bella Indonesia also guarantees that all products they sell are original and certified by the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency. Users can rest assured to purchase and use products from Sociolla.

Going forward, Social Bella Indonesia plans to add to the Sociolla Store. The addition of the Sociolla Store also includes other cities outside Jakarta. So, later on, Sociolla Store might not only be available in Jakarta as it is now.

That way, Social Bella hopes the services provided by its platform can reach beauty enthusiasts who live in other areas.