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The Ministry of Industry Supports Creative Industry Players

The Ministry of Industry Supports Creative Industry Players

The Ministry of Industry is aiming at 2,000 creative industry players born this year as a form of seriousness in spurring the growth of creative industry players in the country, which is considered capable of making a significant contribution to the national economy.

“We realize this goal concretely through the role of the Industrial Training Center (BDI) in Denpasar, Bali, which focuses on developing human resources (HR) for creative industries specializing in animation, crafts, and art goods,” said Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, such as quoted from Antara, Friday (1/3/2019).

The Ministry of Industry Supports Creative Industry Players

The Minister of Industry explained, the government is currently prioritizing programs to improve the quality of human resources, including in the industrial sector. This has the potential to realize the vision of Indonesia Maju.

“So, we continue to create skilled and creative industrial human resources. For example, we help with design training activities and the use of modern technology, so they are more productive and innovative, “he said.

The Growth of Creative Industry Players Can Be Encouraged Through The 3in1 Education And Training

In 2020, the Ministry of Industry targets 2,000 creative industry players to grow through 3in1 Education and Training (training, certification and work placement) at BDI Denpasar. They include the results of training graduates in the fields of animation, programming, graphic design, games, and crafts.

Agus added, through BDI Denpasar, he was optimistic that he would be able to spawn startups in various sectors. “Because an innovation ecosystem has been built here. So, there have been extraordinary breakthrough ideas, such as the creation of a type of application that helps health services by bringing doctors home to examine patients. In addition, there are those who support the tourism sector, “he said.

The Ministry of Industry Supports Creative Industry Players

Seeing various creative industry products on display at BDI Denpasar, the AGK Minister gave his appreciation to the training participants. Because they create creative industry products that are considered to be able to penetrate the export market.

“For example, fashion products, jewelry, and ceramic crafts. The participants of this training can increase the added value of local raw materials. Therefore, we will continue to provide design assistance to be more competitive, “he stressed.

Aqalin, A New Startup Launches Creative Service Applications

With the rapid development of technology, entrepreneurs competing to bring even better innovations so they won’t be left behing. As conducted by one of the startup companies Aqalin.com.

Aqalin is a platform dedicated to digital-based services, specifically provided to meet the needs of the community. Digital application users who are under the auspices of PT Transendensi Solusi Indonesia can not only use the services offered, but can also offer services that they have to others.

The Ministry of Industry Supports Creative Industry Players

Aqalin CEO Junius Variant said that there are several helpful features that you can use through this Aqalin application. First is the queue jockey. This feature can help you if you don’t have much time to queue.

“For example, you want to take care of immigration, that’s a queue, well here you can use the services of a queuing jockey. So you no longer need to bother waiting in line,” Junius said in a written statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/3/2020).

Second, continued Junius, Private Consultant, where he could find friends to talk about personal problems with Private Consultants. Third, the Daily Driver who can help the community if a driver is needed.

“Only in Aqalin! You can find a daily driver around you to take you anywhere, without having to search around here and there, “he said.

Fourth is Garage Rental. At present, the regional government is intensively issuing a Law concerning vehicle parking. “If you have a vehicle, but still park on the road, then you can be fined. With Aqalin, you can find a garage that is rented for parking,” he concluded.