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Sirclo Projects eCommerce Transactions to Grow in 11.11 and 12.12

Sirclo Projects eCommerce Transactions to Grow in 11.11 and 12.12

Sirclo reported its projections regarding the growth of eCommerce transactions at 11.11 and 12.12 events through a virtual press conference with the media crew today, Wednesday (4/11/2020). The eCommerce enabler projects the transactions in eCommerce will increase 6 times YoY compared to the same period in the previous year.

Brian Marshal, CEO at Sirclo, stated that Sirclo’s role as an enabler puts them in a strategic position to accurately capture eCommerce trends. Indeed, Brian admits there have been many reports from many agencies about growth in the eCommerce sector.

Sirclo Projects eCommerce Transactions to Grow in 11.11 and 12.12

However, according to him, the report from Sirclo could be complementary and provide deeper insights because Sirclo had direct contact with the perpetrators.

“During the pandemic, there was an acceleration. It was already fast, it got faster. This is specifically if you talk about the numbers, 2020, which people predicted will increase by 54 percent, so an increase of 91 percent. This is much faster than in previous years. This could almost double its growth. This growth will also have an impact on the following years, “Brian explained.

Facing the 11.11 event this month and 12.12 next month, Brian explained several strategies that businesses can apply in marketing their products in eCommerce, namely:

1. Investing in building brand awareness

2. Implement a unique strategy according to the sales channel

3. Product bundling

4. Collaboration with popular brands/products

5. Provide attractive gifts to consumers

12 Million New eCommerce Users

In addition to transaction projections, Brian also explained that during the Covid-19 pandemic there were an estimated 12 million new eCommerce users. “This is one of the main growth factors. People who did not shop online before, now because of the pandemic situation they are forced to shop online faster,” said Brian.

According to their research, at least 40 percent of those new users said they would continue to use eCommerce services even though the pandemic was over. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitation products have been the most hunted product category, such as hand sanitizers.

“The general trend is that until now in Q3 2020, the demand for sanitation products is high. Indeed, it did not jump like from Q1 to Q2, but the demand in Q3 has remained,” said Brian.

Another interesting thing is that 1 in 5 people who are involved in Sirclo’s research shop often shop, 9 or more times a month to be exact. Then in terms of gender proportions, Sirclo sees that the proportion of male and female eCommerce users is not too far apart.

“And in proportion, 58 percent are female consumers. In general, male consumers are no less, 42 percent,” said Brian.

This, according to him, breaks the myth that eCommerce users are dominated by women. Regarding the medium for shopping, Sirclo found that 95 percent of users make transactions via smartphones.

Plus Size Fashion Business Opportunities Are Increasing

In recent years, the fashion industry has consistently been more inclusive of various body types in its product offerings and marketing strategies. Artists, celebrities, to well-known singers at home and abroad are calling out to love and appreciate each other’s body shape, aka the body positivity movement.

The impact of the increasing body positivity campaign, the public perception of the beauty standards of women’s bodies no longer adhere to conventional standards such as being thin and tall.

More and more fashion brands are creating more diverse size variations, from XXS to XXXL, to provide options that can cater to various shapes and sizes of women’s bodies, making users feel more comfortable and confident.

Sirclo helps local brands plus size providers such as Bigissimo, Pofeleve, and Jeny Plus Size to develop digital marketing efforts, advertising, and other promotional strategies. “Seeing the positive trend in the plus-size fashion industry in Indonesia, we are optimistic that people’s perceptions will be more inclusive of local fashion products that are still a niche in the future,” he said.