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9 Indonesian Logistic Startups to Send Packages

9 Indonesian Logistic Startups to Send Packages

Indonesian logistic startups have become a supporter of the growing e-commerce industry. E-commerce not only changes lifestyles but also changes the way business is done. E-commerce has become a part of the Indonesian people’s lives. Based on eMarketer data, the value of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia in 2018 is predicted to be Rp. 144.1 trillion and will continue to grow.

The rise of e-commerce transactions from year to year also contributed to the growth of business opportunities in the logistics sector. According to Jack Ma, as reported by Techinasia, logistics is the key to the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia. Therefore, logistics is very important.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the logistics sector continues to grow every year. The GDP value of the logistics sector in 2016 amounted to IDR 104.69 trillion and increased in 2017 to reach IDR 119.72 trillion. Whereas in the first quarter of 2018, the value of the GDP of the logistics sector reached IDR 30.7 trillion, higher than the first quarter of 2017.

9 Indonesian Logistic Startups to Send Packages

This positive trend can be exploited as a business opportunity in the logistics sector in Indonesia. Many have competed to take advantage in this line of business. For example, transportation service providers took part in utilizing the logistics sector with the presence of Go-Send and Go-Box.

Some e-commerce startups also began to build their logistics, such as Blibli with the presence of Blibli Express and Mataharimall with the presence of Red Carpet Logistics.

Get to Know Indonesian Logistic Startups

1. Expedito

Expedito is a logistical startup from Indonesia which was founded in 2016. Edi Topan and Albertus Putra are the Founders and Co-Founders of Expedito. Expedito provides overseas shipping services at low prices.

Expedito collaborates with some of the world’s best International express Air-Freight couriers such as DHL, Aramex, TNT FedEx, UPS, FirstFlight, EMS, Citylink, Pos Indonesia, etc. Expedito is also one of the startups built by Google Developer Launchpad by Digitaraya in 2018.

2. Iruna eLogistics

Iruna eLogistics has officially operated in Indonesia since 2017, and was founded by Yan Henry Yauwena. Iruna eLogistics is a logistics startup that offers several services, such as warehousing, shipping goods to consumers, and integration between marketplaces and online stores.

This startup can handle products entrusted by users of their services ranging from storage, packaging, to shipping goods. Iruna eLogistics also provides product photography for marketplaces or online stores.

3. Kargo

Kargo is a logistical startup from Indonesia which was founded in 2015. The CEO and Founder of Kargo is Yodi Aditya. Kargo is a logistics service marketplace that provides inter-city and inter-island trucks in Indonesia.

The provides many types of trucks, depending on your needs. Kargo focuses on shipping large quantities of goods, ranging from 30 kilograms to 30 tons, including the delivery of motorbikes or cars.

9 Indonesian Logistic Startups to Send Packages

4. Paxel

Paxel is an application-based logistics startup that carries the same day delivery service at affordable shipping costs. Paxel was founded in 2018 by Bryant Christanto as the CEO, Johari Zein and Zaldy Ilham as the co-founders.

At the moment, Paxel only accommodates services in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas. Ordering services is enough to use the application. A maximum of 8 hours the goods will arrive at their destination. At present, Paxel has more than 200 motorbikes and 5 cars to support their business. In the future, Paxel will target to be present in five other cities in Indonesia.

5. Package ID

The ID Package was founded in 2016. Dika Maheswara is the CEO and Co-Founder of the ID Package. Package ID is a logistics service marketplace that has services to help e-commerce process their shipments by booking via the web and applications.

Package ID also helps existing logistics services, such as JNE and Tiki, to reach a new standard by bridging them with the sender technologically.

6. CariTruk

CariTruk is a logistical startup from Indonesia which was founded in 2016. CariTruk has a service to rent delivery trucks to various cities in Indonesia. Starting from the pick-up box to wingbox provided by CariTruk to support its operation. Every item shipped with CariTruk services can be tracked online via their site.

7. Andalin

Andalin is a Indonesian logistic startups which was founded in 2016. Andalin has a service that can help the owners of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia to import and export goods from and to foreign countries.

Andalin’s CEO and co-founder is Rifki Pratomo. You just need to send all the requirements and costs needed to Andalin. Andalin will ensure that the process of shipping goods across countries runs well.

9 Indonesian Logistic Startups to Send Packages

8. MisterKirim

MisterKirim is an application-based logistics startup from Indonesia which was founded in 2017. The CEO and Co-Founder of MisterKirim is Yusuf Salam. MisterKirim provides “On-Demand Logistics” services.

Through MisterSend, you can send goods to other locations in the same city. Like GO-SEND and UberDELIVER, they also work with motorcycle taxi drivers and individuals who have motorbikes to be their couriers. At present, MisterKirim is only available in Jakarta and surrounding areas. In the future, MisterKirim wants to be present in 20 other cities in Indonesia.

9. PopBox

PopBox is an Indonesian startup that was founded in 2015. This startup was founded by Greta Bunawan and Adrian Lim. At the beginning of funding, PopBox got funding from East Ventures, an investment company that focuses on providing funding for startups.

PopBox carries the concept of “Smart Locker” to facilitate the collection of goods. You only need to use the application on your mobile to access the PopBox locker. The lockers can also be used to return items that are not suitable when you shop at an online store.

Some e-commerce companies that have collaborated with PopBox for shipping are MatahariMall, SeroyaMart, Asmaraku.com, FrozenShop.com, SukaOutdoor.com, Lolalo.la, Orori, and Best Buy World. PopBox Lockers are in strategic locations such as malls, offices, apartments, universities, train stations, and mini markets. Until now, PopBox has been present in more than 100 locations.

The world of e-commerce cannot be separated from logistics. Especially in the pandemic, where people rely more on shipping between cities. The presence of Indonesian logistic startups is a solution that facilitates people’s lives.

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