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Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age

Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age

As a company engaged in integrated beauty technology, Social Bella strengthens its presence by launching the Lilla by Sociolla application.

Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age

After being officially introduced in mid-2020, this platform is transforming to present an ecosystem, a series of solutions, which answer all the needs of mothers and children in the digital era.

During the pandemic, a significant shift in consumer behavior patterns from offline to online was evident from the increasing trend of online shopping for necessities.

Today, mothers are also increasingly digital savvy and many use digital platforms to find various important information and fulfill their needs starting from pregnancy, to the birth process, and continues to the stage of child development.

In one of the discussion forums that Lilla held with mothers, it turns out that the ease of information in the digital era also sometimes makes it difficult for mothers to find a complete digital platform and provide reliable and credible information about mothers and children.

General Manager of Lilla, Nurul Sulisto said, “The impact of this situation often makes mothers overwhelmed when they have to sort out the right and reliable information and products.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a smart solution that is able to meet the needs and help facilitate the mother’s journey, especially in the midst of the large flow of information and products that are not necessarily in accordance with the phase that is being lived by the mother “.

Strategically Lilla presents an ecosystem with an innovative approach and focuses on progressive moms because Lilla sees that it is the mother who makes the decisions in meeting the needs of herself and her baby. Thus, the new Lilla ecosystem comes with three main elements, namely technology, brand and retail.

“We understand how important it is to have an integrated support system to make it easier for mothers to meet all their needs, so Lilla is also developing this complete ecosystem by positioning mothers as the main focus for all of our innovation steps,” said Nurul.

This was also acknowledged by one of the health practitioners who also played a role in the process of validating information in the Lilla application, dr. Dinda Derdameisya, Sp.OG. She feels that mothers are increasingly critical and want quick information on questions about pregnancy, especially in this digital era.

Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age

App’s Main Features

There are four main features in the Lilla application that are available on the platform, including; Easy Shopping which presents product and category recommendations that are tailored to the child’s stage of growth and development.

The available products have been curated which are of course quality, certified by BPOM, Ministry of Health and SNI, so they are guaranteed safe for mother and baby. In addition, there is also a Motherhood Tracker feature, mothers can monitor the course of pregnancy, to observe every phase of child growth and development.

Then Personalized Experience to apply the concept of personalization in all features in the application. Lastly, Learn from the Expert which contains reliable information on various topics of mothers and children, such as child development, pregnancy, to breastfeeding which has been validated by experts in their fields.

Lilla by Sociolla Presents Apps, Helping Young Mothers in the Digital Age

Develop O2O Retail And Private Label

In the future, Lilla is optimistic that it can reach 1 million users by the end of 2022 through the creation of a more complete shopping experience. Lilla plans to develop retail outlets with an omnichannel concept that combines online and offline integration.

On the other hand, Lilla will launch a private label to meet the needs of the mother and baby, which will be launched in April. This is in line with the company’s sustainable principles to help reduce waste.

Through the latest approach and the most complete digital ecosystem for mothers and children, Lilla is expected to be able to accompany mothers in all situations. Lilla’s goal is to make mother’s journey easier so that she can enjoy special moments with her beloved child.