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Advotics Introduces Distri, a Digital Solution for Distribution Systems

Advotics Introduces Distri, a Digital Solution for Distribution Systems

Overcoming the distribution system and supply chain that are less efficient because they are still conventional, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup Advotics is here to provide an all-in-one solution.

Advotics Introduces Distri, a Digital Solution for Distribution Systems

SaaS startup Advotics released a distribution management system called “Distri” to provide a one-stop solution for digitizing supply chain and distribution networks for SMEs and manufacturers.

This platform connects employees in the field (salesmen, canvassers, and drivers) via an application, with management and back office teams via a web portal.

This solution exists because so far the distribution and supply chain systems of companies in Indonesia have been running inefficiently, mainly because the processes are still conventional, manual, and time consuming.

Take for example, the majority of distributors (61%) still have to use two or more different systems to run their operations, ranging from accounting systems, sales staff management, and stock management. This survey was taken from Advotics internal which was held last year.

Due to too many systems, there is the potential for inaccurate data errors between systems, not real-time synchronization of changes that occur in the field, and complicated data integration due to different formats.

Plus, businesses have to bear higher operational costs for subscription, installation, and system integration. Advotics’ Distribution Management System has been proven to increase the number of visits to customers by 40% and sales transactions by up to 53%.

“Therefore, we want to help more distributors to make their supply chains and systems more efficient and fully automated through Distri,” said Advotics Co-founder & CEO Boris Sanjaya, Wednesday (23/3).

Through Distri, data synchronization between the field and back office is stored and processed in cloud computing, so that the results of activities in the field such as orders, deliveries, invoice billing, and others, can be known instantly.

In addition, Distri also helps distributors run their business in the digital era, such as synchronizing stock with various sales channels, recording financial transactions and making automatic financial reports, live-tracking for teams that work remotely/mobile, as well as digital payment facilities for their customers.

Advotics Introduces Distri, a Digital Solution for Distribution Systems

Have the Ability to Integrate with E-Commerce

Currently, Distri provides integration with the e-commerce platform Tokopedia for Distri users who have digital sales channels. In addition, it is also connected to Stripe’s payment gateway to provide invoice payments online, directly from Distri users with automatic payment confirmation.

During its launch, interested business owners get a 14-day free trial opportunity. They can enter some key data, such as product or staff data, right on the first day of use.

The Advotics team will help through training classes, on-site tutorials, as well as step-by-step instructions and videos. Because the system has been designed to be compact and easy to use, Distri can be used by startups or small companies.

“We have two service options, where Distri Pro is for the distribution/manufacturing industry that requires complete features for all distribution activities, while Distri Lite is for service companies who want to monitor the activities of technicians assigned directly to their customers’ locations,” he added. Boris.

Advotics Introduces Distri, a Digital Solution for Distribution Systems

Distri Adds SaaS Products

Distri adds to the range of SaaS products developed by Advotics. Previously, Advotics had nine SaaS products that provided a variety of solutions that could be applied in the production, warehousing, and distribution stages.

By using QR codes printed on product packaging, they help brands track the movement of goods at each distribution point, including information on sales team activity and stock vacancies.

The company has also expanded its system to include solutions for inventory, routing, and collection. In March 2021, the company announced a $2.75 million funding round led by East Ventures, the previous investor that led an early-stage round in May 2019.