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B2B Logistics Startup Envio Pockets Initial Funding

B2B Logistics Startup Envio Pockets Initial Funding

B2B logistics startup Envio pocketed pre-seed funding with an undisclosed amount from Antler, Iterative, and a number of other angel investors.

B2B Logistics Startup Envio Pockets Initial Funding

This funding will be used to accelerate Envio’s business growth in 2022. Envio was founded by Richard Cahyanto and Alif Amri Suri in 2021, who are now taking on the positions of CEO and CTO, respectively.

Combining their 20 years of experience in logistics, Richard and Alif built Envio as a digital logistics solution for the MSME segment to the upper-middle class.

“With this funding, we will reach more partners in logistics operators in various verticals. We will also develop technology through the best digital logistics solutions for our business partners,” said Founder and CEO of Envio Richard Cahyanto in his official statement.

Envio has an integrated logistics ecosystem with various choices of transportation modes in one place, so as to increase the efficiency of users’ logistics needs.

Currently they operate 35 modes of air and sea transportation, 5000 modes of land transportation, and 50 warehouse management and supply of goods throughout Indonesia.

This integration allows Envio to increase logistics coverage throughout Indonesia and reduce delivery times to more than eight hours.

That way, the delivery of goods reaches the recipient’s hands faster. Users can also monitor the delivery process in real-time and get delivery analysis reports.

Partner at Antler Subir Lohani added that he was impressed with the way Envio digitized its logistics system to provide faster and more efficient end-to-end services for its business partners.

“We believe this innovation can significantly drive Envio’s growth and become a new standard in B2B digital logistics services,” said Subir.

B2B Logistics Startup Envio Pockets Initial Funding

Trends in e-commerce and instant culture

Based on the e-Conomy SEA 2021 report, e-commerce growth in Indonesia continues to increase by 49% compared to 2020. Then, 65% of people shop for daily necessities through digital platforms (e-grocery).

From this explanation, Richard assessed that the potential of the logistics industry is still very large. This is also triggered by the rise of instant culture trends among retail consumers and businesses driven by the e-commerce industry and its derivatives, such as e-grocery and quick commerce. This service relies heavily on a strong logistics network.

One of the reasons why Envio entered B2B is because the logistics and supply chain industry for B2B players is synonymous with high complexity with the involvement of many driving components, such as operators, subcontractors, and warehousing.

Logistics service providers are required to adapt to answer the need for higher service speeds. For this reason, Envio strives to provide a fast and real-time transaction experience like the shopping experience in e-commerce in general.

B2B Logistics Startup Envio Pockets Initial Funding

Building a Logistics Ecosystem

Currently, Envio has served more than 30 business partners for national logistics, through eight branch offices spread across Indonesia.

The company believes this initial step through funding can encourage Envio to build innovative infrastructure as one of the main driving forces of the economy.

“We will build a next-generation logistics ecosystem by leveraging technology and strategic partnerships by connecting businesses to logistics, analytics and consumer capacities,” added Richard.

Based on Ken Research’s report, Indonesia’s logistics market is estimated to reach a value of $200.3 billion with a CAGR of 7.9% in 2024. This value includes goods transportation, freight forwarding, warehouse, express and parcel (CEP) businesses, to cold chain logistics.

Envio only started operating in 2021. However, by offering digital technology-based logistics solutions, this startup has managed to serve up to 30 business partners through eight branch offices spread across Indonesia.

According to Richard Cahyanto, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Envio, after sharing with operators and distribution for national logistics services.

The services that Envio provides are a variety of logistics solutions for the needs of activities and businesses. This means that Envio’s services are in the form of business to business. So, if anyone wants to take advantage of Envio’s logistics services, they can take advantage of the operator and distribution partners who have joined the startup.