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Having Experienced Business Difficulties, Infokost Now Acquired by Rukita

Having Experienced Business Difficulties, Infokost Now Acquired by Rukita

Aiming to expand the scope of business, Rukita officially acquired the Infokost platform. Previously, Infokost had closed their service in 2020 and was under the auspices of GDP Venture.

Having Experienced Business Difficulties, Infokost Now Acquired by Rukita

Previously, the Infokost service was stopped in 2020 due to business difficulties, plus the pandemic. This was notified by the company through its official website.

 Infokost has more than 20 thousand residential listings containing complete information, ranging from data and completeness of residential facilities, public facilities such as ATM and minimarket locations, to location maps. For applications, they provide the IbuKost application for property management for owners or managers.

After officially becoming a sister company of Rukita, Infokost will be updated in terms of appearance on the site so that it can be fresher and more relevant for users. Thus, Infokost can offer more than one million rooms in the infokost.id property listings and serve 50 thousand boarding house owners.

“We can serve more consumers and property owners throughout Indonesia through Infokost with this acquisition. This is one of a series of business expansions that Rukita will undertake in 2022,” said Co-Founder & CTO Rukita Xu-Zonne Ho.

In the future, Infokost will continue to run its business independently. However, property listing management and others are still under the direct supervision of Rukita. Some listings from Rukita will also be included in Infokost.

From the user side, Rukita is separated from Infokost. There are no plans to combine Rukita and Infokost applications in one platform.

“In the future, we will continue to develop the latest innovations and features at Infokost.id to immediately present them to the public, so that Infokost can provide optimal service to consumers and boarding house owners,” said Xu.

Having Experienced Business Difficulties, Infokost Now Acquired by Rukita

Long Term Housing Provider

In less than three years, Rukita claims to have had a total of 13 million visitors on the site since its first launch in mid-2019. Starting with property management services through the Rukita brand, then adding to the expansion of its services through RuOptions, a property marketing service.

A series of innovations through the Rukita Application, Rumanage Application, Rukita Mods, and other innovations are also launched aggressively in 2021.

Rukita, which originally focused on co-living, has now shifted to asserting its position as a Long-Term Residential Rental Provider, through the planned acquisition and massive expansion carried out throughout 2022.

Rukita has succeeded in increasing collaboration with more than 20,000 properties on its platform for about two years.

Recently, Rukita also joined the Surge (Acceleration Program from Sequoia Capital India). This program was attended by 20 startup companies (one of them is Rukita) with a total funding of $60 million from Surge and its co-investors.

“Rukita has expertise in property management and the use of technology to create a better lifestyle for urbanites in Indonesia. With the spirit of innovation that answers the needs of millennials, we are ready to solidify our position in this industry,” concluded Xu.

The rental housing market is indeed quite large in Indonesia in the midst of rapid urbanization. Besides Rukita, another platform that focuses on this service is Mamikos. Apart from listing services, they have also started to venture into co-branding and rental property management services.

Having Experienced Business Difficulties, Infokost Now Acquired by Rukita

Supporting Women

COO & Co-Founder Rukita Sarah Soewatdy said, previously the technology industry was dominated by men, but now many are starting to support women’s empowerment.

In the early days, according to Sarah, male dominance in technology companies was because men were also involved in engineering majors.

But in the future, it is not impossible that this dominance will also decrease, because more and more women from the millennial generation and Z are starting to look at this industry.

In Rukita itself, Sarah supports the women’s movement to be more empowered. According to him, Rukita does not differentiate based on gender, but based on ability and character.