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Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures

Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures

The parenting application Tentang Anak closed the initial stage of funding with an undisclosed amount from Insignia Ventures, with the participation of a number of well-known angel investors.

Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures

The fresh funds will be used to expand content and services for newly launched apps, as well as strengthen the team.

Tentang Anak was founded in 2020 by pediatricians Mesty Ariotedjo and Garri Juanda. Both are husband and wife and have their own specialties. Mesty brings her expertise and medical network to Tentang Anak.

Meanwhile Garri brings his 11 years of technology experience in product, growth and M&A. He previously supervised Tokopedia’s marketplace, adtech, and logistics business verticals; and was one of Rakuten Japan’s first non-Japanese product managers.

Co-founder & CEO Mesty Ariotedjo shared his idea in establishing About the Child in fostering a family with Garri. Currently, many parents in Indonesia do not have direct access to child development experts.

This has inspired them both to form an ecosystem that can bridge millions of parents in Indonesia with the best child development experts in their class. The company envisions Tentang Anak to be the foremost and most trusted one-stop platform for all the needs of parents in Indonesia.

Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures

Services Provided by Tentang Anak

The Tentang Anak application currently provides holistic services in the form of personalized child stimulation activities, nutrition menus, growth trackers, free consultations, and community involvement for Indonesian parents in all aspects of child development, especially for children aged 0 to 5 years.

This app features highly curated information from a network of pediatricians, psychologists, child educators, financial planners, and obstetricians.

Tentang Anak has also amassed more than half a million social media followers across various platforms and has become the number 1 most followed TikTok parenting account in Indonesia.

It is claimed that the Tentang Anak application within two months of its release was able to occupy the 3rd position in the App Store for the Education category and 4th in the Play Store for the Parenting category.

Tentang Anak is committed to providing access to parenting knowledge from best-in-class experts and the best products for 80 million children in Indonesia, so that future generations of Indonesia can achieve optimal growth and development potential even from an early age.

Tentang Anak will be adding more verticals, aiming to provide a seamless trading journey through its app in the coming months.

Founding Managing Partner of Insignia Ventures Yinglan Tan emphasized the key role of trust in building a strong ecosystem for childcare. He said, in Southeast Asia’s internet economy, he realized the potential of platforms and vertical communities around the specific needs of consumers.

“Parenting is one area where we see the value of a vertical platform, and we see Tentang Anak a strong foundation of trust that is essential to become the leading parenting platform in Indonesia,” said Tan.

Parenting App Tentang Anak Closes Early Stage Funding from Insignia Ventures

Founded by a Pediatrician

These startups come from the founders’ strong, complementary and relevant backgrounds in pediatrics and product growth, their network of respected professionals in key areas of parenting, and their growing team of unicorn alumni who have experience enhancing consumer-focused ecosystems. this.

Apart from being the first pediatrician to establish a parenting startup, Tentang Anak also recently welcomed the current President of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), Piprim Basarah Yanuarso, and former IPS President Hardiono D. Pusponegoro as advisory boards.

“I really appreciate what was built in Tentang Anak, to present good parenting and in accordance with the recommendations of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association.” added Piprim Basarah Yanuarso.

Previously, a number of applications targeting the family segment had also appeared, including Fammi, Orami for e-commerce services (acquired by Sirclo), as well as the Popmama media channel from IDN Media.