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Sirclo Acquires Orami to Strengthen Omnichannel Services

Sirclo Acquires Orami to Strengthen Omnichannel Services

The e-commerce enabler company, Sirclo, acquired Orami, which is known as a parenting platform that combines commerce, content, and community in one application.

This agreement combines two companies that have served more than 100,000 brands from micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) to multinational, and reaches millions of consumers in 34 provinces of Indonesia.

Sirclo’s founder and CEO, Brian Marshal, said the corporate action could expand the enabler services the company offers to brand owners looking to enter the online market.

Sirclo Acquires Orami to Strengthen Omnichannel Services

“Orami has an online shopping site that facilitates well-known brands in selling products needed by mothers and children. Here, we have a mission to join forces in helping brands sell online in a more strategic, scalable, and efficient manner,” he said through an official statement, Thursday (8 / 4/2021).

Meanwhile, the CEO of Orami, Ferry Tenka, sees this synergy as a very big opportunity to accelerate Orami’s growth, and at the same time, to continue to accommodate the needs of brands and consumers.

“Orami’s ability to reach a wide range of consumers is in line with what Sirclo has been doing as an e-commerce enabler with a strong infrastructure and retail network,” said Ferry.

This Collaboration is a Strategic Step

On the other hand, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures, Willson Cuaca, said the acquisition of Orami by Sirclo is a strategic step that will accelerate Sirclo’s ability to better serve brand owners and MSMEs.

“Sirclo is at the right time and position in the digital transformation scene. We are waiting for the breakthroughs of this joint team,” said Willson.

Overall, the merger of the two companies aims to be a motor of empowerment for brands of various scales. They can focus on product development, while Sirclo strengthens the end-to-end sales process.

This corporate action will incorporate nearly 1,000 employees, of which Orami will continue to operate as an independent entity integrated with the services offered by Sirclo. Ferry Tenka as CEO of Orami will take a new position as Chief Marketing Officer of Sirclo and Hendrawan Kartika (President of Orami) as Chief Financial Officer of Sirclo.

Sirclo Acquires Orami to Strengthen Omnichannel Services

SIRCLO Records Improved Growth since Pandemic

Brian Marshal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIRCLO said that this corporate action can expand the enabler services offered by SIRCLO for brand owners who wish to enter the online market,” he explained in an official statement, Thursday (8/4).

Orami has an online shopping site that facilitates well-known brands in selling products needed by mothers and children. SIRCLO helps brands sell online through a variety of solutions, such as SIRCLO Store for MSMEs and SIRCLO Commerce for enterprise brands to enter online distribution channels.

In 2020, SIRCLO recorded a 4x increase in transactions which was supported by changes in consumer behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic. Efficient financial management puts SIRCLO in an operationally profitable position at the end of 2020, and with a combined turnover of Rp. 3.3 trillion.

Sirclo Acquires Orami to Strengthen Omnichannel Services

As the first and largest e-commerce for Mother and Child products in Indonesia, Orami is the only parenting platform capable of combining Commerce, Content, and Community in one ecosystem.

Orami is also the most visited e-commerce vertical in Indonesia with more than 5 million active users per month. Ten of thousands of mothers have also joined the Orami community and tens of thousands of articles related to childcare, lifestyle, and household are available on the Orami app.

Orami’s strong community and distribution model will complement the omnichannel strategy offered by the SIRCLO line of business.

SIRCLO has technology and infrastructure capabilities to strengthen enabler service capabilities for brand owners of this category and bridge brands with a wider range of mass-affluent consumers.

The presence of Orami is an extension of efforts to realize this mission, with strength in a community network of mothers who are actively shopping for parenting needs through e-commerce.