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Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers

Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers

The large demand from tier 2 and 3 cities for local fashion products is a strong reason for the Selleri platform to be launched. Founded in June 2021, the focus is on empowering resellers and dropshippers. Sellerri offers the option for everyone to sell online and offline.

Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers

Selleri’s Co-Founder & CEO Jayant Kumar revealed, taking advantage of strategic partnerships with suppliers, making it easier for them to add sales channels using resellers.

Apart from Jayant, other co-founders who supported the establishment of this startup include Najmuddin Husein (COO) and Firman Hasan (CCO). Currently, Selleri already has around 1000 suppliers, 45 thousand resellers, and approximately 120 thousand SKUs on the platform.

“By using the Selleri application, those who want to sell do not need to worry about business capital, the risk of running a business and also don’t have to think about warehouses to store goods. All Sellers are managed from the initial transaction to the final process to the buyer,” said Jayant.

Targeting mompreneurs or housewives who already have strong communities and friendships in their respective regions, Selleri is here to help suppliers market their products more broadly while providing additional income to resellers.

The concept of reseller and dropship itself has actually been implemented by the marketplace for a long time, but Selleri noted that in the last few years, the potential is growing, judging by the existing demand.

All access offered by Selleri for potential resellers can be enjoyed for free. In this case the seller gets a commission directly from the supplier. Most of the current suppliers are local fashion products, which in fact do require additional sales channels.

“For payments, even though they have provided bank transfers up to QRIS, Selleri noted that 95% of Cash on Delivery (COD) options are mostly used by buyers for payment options,” said Jayant.

This kind of business concept is already known as “social commerce”. Relying on a reseller network, several startups are also targeting the same market segment in the regions. Some pre-existing applications such as RateS, Evermos, CrediMart, Dagangan, Borzo, and so on.

Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers

Marketing Through Social Media

Apart from Jabodetabek, Selleri’s services have also reached Central Java and East Java. Most of these areas are tier 2 and 3 cities, which are experiencing increasing interest in making purchases using resellers.

Although currently applications such as marketpalce and e-commerce have been widely used, for Seller the most choices for sellers to market their products are using Facebook Marketplace to Facebook Live.

This phenomenon is claimed to distinguish Selleri from other platforms. In addition, Selleri also provides the option of creating a site, for sellers who want to use this option. However, the most marketing activities they use are through social media.

Utilizing the data they have from resellers and dropshippers, it can then be determined which products are needed and sought after by buyers.

This helps suppliers who offer local fashion such as small to medium brands to market their products accurately. This is claimed by them to be an option for small suppliers who find it difficult to compete with bigger brands in the marketplace.

Selleri Wants to Empower the Role of Resellers and Dropshippers

Reach 500 Cities

Currently there are 500 cities in 24 sub-districts that use resellers and dropship from Selleri. People who live in cities such as Semarang, Banyuwangi, Bukittinggi are starting to take advantage of this concept, because there are still many of them who don’t believe in e-commerce and marketplace services.

“We also see that based on purchases from customers who are sold from resellers, most buyers are not loyal to brands, marketplaces and others. But they are loyal to the community or trusted people. Therefore, the concept we offer is suitable for cities in tier 2 and 3,” Jayant said.

Last year, Selleri managed to secure initial funding from investors worth $610,000 or the equivalent of 8.7 billion Rupiah. The venture capital involved is Kejora-SBI Orbit.

If previously the company had a target of being able to provide additional income of around 5 million rupiah to 100 resellers, then after getting fresh funds the target was to increase to 1000 resellers.