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Aksesmu is a Step for Alfa Group to Participate in Stall Digitization

Aksesmu is a Step for Alfa Group to Participate in Stall Digitization

The MSME sector, including stalls, has grown rapidly in recent years even in the midst of a pandemic. According to data released by Indonesian MSMEs, this sector contributes to GDP an average of 57.8% per year or around Rp. 8 thousand trillion.

Aksesmu is a Step for Alfa Group to Participate in Stall Digitization

With around 3.6 million stalls spread throughout Indonesia, their presence has a positive impact on the national economy.

This is the reason why PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari (Alfa Group) presents Aksesmu (Acceleration for Success of Mitra Usaha), which is the result of Alfamikro’s branding.

For the record, Alfamikro is an application that makes it easy for stalls and shops to get supplies of needed goods. Meanwhile, Accessmu’s mission is more than that, the company wants to empower more micro-enterprises in Indonesia.

“With the launch of the new brand Accessmu, PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari as the management manager of Accessmu is committed and focused on business development and empowerment of micro and small businesses in Indonesia, especially warung traders and grocery stores,” said Director of Aksimu Hans Harischandra.

Aksesmu is a Step for Alfa Group to Participate in Stall Digitization

Previously Operated Alfacart

Prior to operating Accessmu, when PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari was first born in Indonesia, it operated Alfacart (formerly Alfaonline) in 2016.

At that time, Alfacart adopted the concept of an e-commerce platform, selling not only daily products, but also fashion, electronic devices, and household appliances. Its business model has changed several times, until it becomes an aggregator for FMCG products for B2B.

This strategy was not successful, Alfacart had wandered around until it was finally merged with Alfagift until now. Alfagift is an online B2C grocery site that utilizes the nearest Alfamart network from consumers as a supply and delivery point.

Hans did not go into detail about why Alfacart closed and what the hypothesis was about launching Aksesmu. PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari is a limited liability company that is engaged in trading various kinds of goods and trading application development activities via the internet using a digital platform (e-commerce).

Initially, PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari launched the Alfacart application with an e-commerce marketplace business model and segmentation to end users like other e-commerce marketplaces that were trending a few years ago.

Aksesmu is a Step for Alfa Group to Participate in Stall Digitization

Aksesmu Optimism

Hans realized that the solution that Accessmu offered was not the first and only product in Indonesia. Therefore, it not only provides easy access for partners of your Outlet Fostered Access (OBA) to get a variety of stall products at competitive prices and free delivery services on the same day (same-day delivery service).

In addition, it also provides a wide selection of payment methods: COD, e-wallet, virtual account, paylater. Beyond that, the company utilizes the network owned by the group to support Aksesmu to be more optimal, such as distribution infrastructure and systems.

“OBA partners also get various access to business financial recording services, retail business education through webinars, training, and business assistance.”

Accessmu’s business model, he continued, is the distribution of goods needed by small & micro-businesses, especially stalls and grocery stores – by providing easy access and practical solutions to producer/supplier partners through B2B collaboration and to MSME partners by becoming a member of Accessmu.

Monetization can be done through sponsorship, partnership, big data monetizing and various other B2B cooperation programs.

“The company continues to open the widest possible collaboration with various ecosystems that support the development of MSME businesses, especially warung traders and grocery kiosks that are members of Aksesmu and also members of Aksesmu business partners.”

The challenge in educating solutions like Aksesmu, continued Hans, is not an instant process. The company also adapts it to the conditions of the shop owners, starting from the appearance of the application that is friendly and compatible with the shop owner’s device.

“Then the UI/UX is easy to understand and easy to use by shop traders. Currently, the Aksesmu application can be used according to the user’s capabilities (apps in the Play Store or AMS applications using WhatsApp).”