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Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion

Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion

KlikDokter cooperates with lifestyle insurance company WE+. This collaboration is expected to facilitate public access to the digital health ecosystem.

Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion

In the early stages, this cooperation was realized in the form of telemedicine services. WE+ users will be able to conduct teleconsultation with doctors from KlikDokter via the WE+ application. After that, there will also be a drug redemption feature that is integrated with KlikDokter in the WE+ application.

“We certainly welcome this collaboration positively, because KlikDokter and WE+ have the same values ​​and expectations in the healthcare world,” said KlikDokter President Director Hendra Tjong.

Hendra hopes that this partnership can benefit the wider community. “Hopefully, the quality of public health will also improve,” said Hendra.

In the long term, both companies plan to expand the scope of other services. One of them is by opening up wider public access to reach insurance services easily. In the future, insurance products on WE+ will be available through the KlikDokter application.

Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion

In Accordance with the WE+ Vision

WE+ CEO, Fifi Henirawati Hoo, also said the partnership between the two companies aligns with their vision. “This is in accordance with WE+’s vision to provide access to protection, especially health services that are easy and transparent,” said Fifi. This, according to him, is the right of the entire community.

With the government’s estimate that in 2022 homecomers will reach more than 80 million travelers, the need for doctors and health is also expected to increase during this time.

Based on the experience of previous years, there has been an increase in access to health, in terms of health consultations and insurance claims in the period before and after Eid al-Fitr.

KlikDokter views WE+ as an important partner. This collaboration is based on the shared vision and passion of both to provide easy services in the health sector for the community.

Health Tech Startup KlikDokter Collaborates with WE+ for Service Expansion

Online Health Consultation Services with Pediatricians Are More Needed

As previously reported, in collaboration with KlikDokter, Lifebuoy initiated the “Lifebuoy Family Doctor” to support parents in taking care of their children’s health, especially during the pandemic. The collaboration between the two parties provides telemedicine services or online consultations with general practitioners and pediatricians.

“We mothers certainly need health services and education to prevent COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 diseases for children. But in the current conditions, to go to the hospital, there is a dilemma because there is a risk of contracting the virus,” said Titi Kamal, brand ambassador for Lifebuoy Indonesia. , in a virtual press conference, Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

Maulani Affandi, Head of Skin Cleansing and Baby PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, said that this online service is here to reduce the worries of parents. However, there is a cost to get it.

“Every purchase of Lifebuoy products, a total of 10 special packages for KlikDokter, consumers will receive a voucher code to access Lifebuoy Family Doctors,” he said. Next, consumers open the KlikDokter application. Log in or Register to access your account, and follow the steps there.

After entering the homepage of the application, select “Lifebuoy Family Doctor.” Then, enter the voucher code you get, select the doctor who will handle the consultation session, and submit your complaint via chat.

Maulani explained, this online consultation service is available 24 hours with a pediatrician’s schedule at 14.00-20.00 WIB, while general practitioners are at 20.00-14.00 WIB.

“Not only this month, but consultation services with pediatricians are also planned for the next one year,” added Dino Bramantyo, President Director of KlikDokter.

dr. Kanya Ayu Paramastri as a pediatrician, said that an online consultation with an expert is the first aid for a child’s condition. “In addition to reducing the risk of exposure to viral infections,” he said.

He explained, under current conditions, the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) recommends continuing to pay attention to the child’s condition, avoiding activities outside the home, and delaying immunization for the next three weeks.