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PergiKuliner Launches Collective Voucher to Embrace New Generation Z Tren Trends

PergiKuliner Launches Collective Voucher to Embrace New Generation Z Tren Trends

Collective Voucher is a restaurant promotion program with a group buying scheme, so that it becomes a new way to save on dining at restaurants with family, friends, and colleagues. Pergikuliner is the first application to launch restaurant vouchers with a group buying system.

“This Collective Voucher encourages users to invite their friends to buy vouchers at restaurants in order to get the maximum voucher value,” said CEO of Pergikuliner Oswin Liandow at the opening of the media gathering at the restaurant with blue and white ornaments.

PergiKuliner, continued Oswin, through the Collective Voucher program, we want to accommodate the shopping trend among Generation Z, ordinary culinary fans, using a group buying scheme (collective purchase). Through Collective Vouchers, he continued, it allows restaurant users and partners to benefit together.

Until now, there are 30 restaurant partners in Jakarta who have joined the Perikuliner Collective Voucher program. In this program, the reputation of restaurant partners will be protected because the increase in the value of the voucher will not reduce the value of the product.

In fact, restaurant partners actually get more benefits from virality because users on the Pergikuliner application encourage to disseminate information to many people regarding Collective Vouchers and destination restaurant destinations.

Is a Real Form of Support for MSMEs

So, the presence of the Collective Voucher program is a real form of Perikuliner supporting culinary businesses and MSMEs to rise from the downturn caused by the pandemic.

“Seeing that the pandemic is gradually getting better, Perikuliner invites the community to return to the habit of eating on the spot in order to revive the culinary business that has been affected by the pandemic for two years,” added Oswin.

A new culinary experience while saving money through the Collective Voucher scheme, for users not only getting culinary offerings from curated restaurant partners or linking 3.5 stars from the highest scale of 5, they also get the highest voucher value.

The value of the user’s voucher at the beginning of buying as a means of payment will continue to increase if the total voucher purchases at one restaurant partner have reached 20 vouchers.

Collective Vouchers encourage users to continue to promote their culinary destinations so that more people buy vouchers, the value of their vouchers will also increase.

No need to be confused about how to get a Collective Voucher. First, users can buy vouchers during the regular purchase period starting on the 16-30th of each month. The new voucher can be used on the 1st with an active period of two months.

Don’t forget to monitor the purchase date of the Collective Voucher in the Perikuliner application to get a new experience enjoying the moment of togetherness eating your favorite culinary.

Fun Ngabuburit at the Ramadan Festival

PergiKuliner for the first time presents the Ramadan Festival at Mall Kelapa Gading 5th floor from April 15 to 24, 2022. This 10-day event, presents 30 tenants with many variants of appetizing food and drinks that can be tasted for breaking the fast.

Interestingly, while waiting for the Maghrib call to prayer, PergiKuliner held a ngabuburit with free food and drink prizes for visitors who entered the special keyword ‘bukberdipergikuliner’ in the PergiKuliner application and showed it to the event committee. PergiKuliner also prepares free takjil for all visitors to the PergiKuliner Festival Ramadan.

“PergiKuliner shares happiness in this blessed month through the Ramadan Festival by providing free testers to all tenants, free food and drinks via the PergiKuliner application, to free Collective Vouchers.

So, coming to this event can get a lot of blessings,” said Head of Events of PergiKuliner Angels. Even though it is held during the month of Ramadan, this event is still open according to the mall’s operating hours, which are 10:00 to 22:00 WIB.

PergiKuliner has provided an area for dine-in where visitors are expected to remain disciplined in complying with health protocols and maintaining cleanliness. Visitors also have the opportunity to get 50 percent cashback up to a maximum of IDR20,000, especially for Octo Mobile users during the event.