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TipTip Officially Launched, Aspires to Build an Indonesian Creator Content Ecosystem

TipTip Officially Launched, Aspires to Build an Indonesian Creator Content Ecosystem

Monetization platform for content creators, TipTip, inaugurated their presence on Wednesday (13/7) after previously securing funding led by East Ventures. During the launch event held at the Sheraton Gandaria City, Triawan Munaf was also announced as the President Commissioner of TipTip.

TipTip Officially Launched, Aspires to Build an Indonesian Creator Content Ecosystem

TipTip itself positions itself as a service that fills the gaps in several important features faced by content creators in developing countries in the Southeast Asia region.

Such as lack of monetization opportunities, limited local payments & KYC (know-your-customer) integration, as well as challenges related to content creation & distribution via smartphone devices.

Albert Lucius as the Founder & CEO of TipTip revealed that Indonesia has various talents and quality content, but the huge potential of the creative economy ecosystem in Indonesia is still not being channeled optimally due to the difficulty of building a target audience.

The platform comes with monetization opportunities for content creators without the need for a large audience. Although the platform is monetization-first, the content available is by no means without curation.

The company claims to have a separate team for curating creators and ensuring that the quality of the content presented does not violate the rules, especially for any monetization that takes place on the platform. This is one of the value propositions that TipTip offers.

TipTip Officially Launched, Aspires to Build an Indonesian Creator Content Ecosystem

Solutions Offered by Tiptip

Triawan Munaf who was also present on the occasion also revealed that after almost five years of trying to build a creative economy with Bekraf, he admitted that currently our country needs a local ecosystem.

According to him, TipTip has all the best support to create a strong creator ecosystem. “From Indonesia for Indonesia. Keep creating ideas, keep creating money,” he added.

Apart from monetization, TipTip also acts as a bridge for supply and demand for content creators. The company has also collaborated with several corporations.

“The key is, we are local players, we identify local solutions that lead to the community. We prioritize transparency from tipping followers. Creators are also expected to improve quality. The more we touch the community, the more monetization,” he added.

Willson Weather who was also present at this event revealed that the pandemic crisis has caused a shift in habits, one of which is public consumption of the media. Now there is democratization of content that allows all people who have talent to be facilitated.

“But most of the platforms present are from abroad, TipTip aspires to create a localized ecosystem of economic creators. Hopefully, the company can also build the flywhee effect. The more components that are built, the more affordable and participating,” he said.

To enjoy the TipTip solution, users, both content creators and the public, only need to visit the website to register. The TipTip application itself is available and can be downloaded on the Android platform, for iOS users, you can immediately enjoy this service in August 2022.

TipTip Officially Launched, Aspires to Build an Indonesian Creator Content Ecosystem

Hyperlocal Strategy

When asked about the global platform that is currently more widely used, Albert explained that his party prioritizes hyperlocal strategies and reaches out to the community. A difficult thing to be executed by global players.

This strategy is expected to reach a wider community and content creators. Albert takes the example of Amazon with its global e-commerce services, but still in the country where local platforms like Tokopedia dominate.

“This can happen because they are executed locally. At TipTip, we are not only integrated with the KYC and Dukcapil systems, from the payment side, we are also integrated with local banks and e-wallet. We also use community-to-community strategies,” he said.

In a brief discussion on the sidelines of the event, Albert admitted that TipTip is not just a live streaming service. Moreover, the platform offers highly comprehensive and specific solutions for each market of its content creators.

The company is also involved in providing creator and content supply for corporations that need services (demand).

According to TipTip data, to date there have been more than 500 creators who have joined. Each creator is allegedly able to bring about 20 followers which generates around 10 thousand users.