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Pingtar Relies on Chatbots for Digital Marketing Learning

Pingtar Relies on Chatbots for Digital Marketing Learning

Digital marketing (digital marketing) is one of the jobs most needed by companies to attract consumers and potential customers quickly.

Pingtar Relies on Chatbots for Digital Marketing Learning

This is because the acceptance of technology and the internet in the wider community has made digital marketing activities the main choice for companies. As a result, companies compete with each other to create interesting content to display on various digital platforms.

Some examples of marketing techniques included in this field are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online advertising such as FB ads and Google Ads, print media promotions, television and radio advertisements, email marketing, electronic billboards, mobile marketing, and others.

All of these skills, of course, must be mastered by prospective talents who want to explore jobs in the digital marketing field. Not to mention the MSME business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Pingtar offers digital marketing learning solutions that don’t need to come and take online classes regularly. Just through a chatbot that is accessed via WhatsApp.

The inspiration to start Pingtar came from the desire of Marsha Hamdani and Arvinda Tripradopo who are close to the digital marketing training landscape in the organization that houses them both.

Arvinda has been in technology and marketing for more than 15 years. She pioneered and led a Digital Marketing consulting service called SkytreeDGTL since 2015. Meanwhile, Marsha joined Skytree the following year as a Digital Strategist.

“At Skytree, the two of us have helped various organizations at the maturity and industry levels in their digital marketing processes, both in handling digital roadmap creation, leading execution, and providing training and consulting for business people,” said Marsha.

Pingtar Relies on Chatbots for Digital Marketing Learning

Digital Marketing Can Help Many Business People

From their experience in previous companies, they saw firsthand how Digital Marketing can help business growth in various industries and wanted to accumulate the knowledge that had been collected for more business people. Therefore, in 2018, released a business unit called TalkDGTL which is focused on Digital Marketing training.

“At that time the business model was still in the form of direct training, so we and several Skytree experts became speakers at various seminars, workshops, and training sessions. But so far we have been operating, we are aware that this business model is actually difficult to scale up, especially since there are many competitors.”

Finally, in early 2021, Talk DGTL was finally discontinued because it seemed that it had not yet succeeded in reaching the desired educational scale. In the same year, he and Arvinda began to study WhatsApp chatbot technology that was starting to enter.

WhatsApp itself is a communication platform that is widely used by people around the world to carry out any activities, including marketing. From the side of the WhatsApp company itself, it has opened the door for developers to access its API officially.

“So that’s where we started to do further research on this technology. Because this technology can be a solution to the scalability and accessibility that is a problem in TalkDGTL and similar training organizations today. The two of us started to seriously discuss Pingtar at the end of this year.”

Pingtar Relies on Chatbots for Digital Marketing Learning
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Pingtar’s Products

Pingtar divides the solution into two business models, namely direct-to-consumer (D2C) and B2B. Marsha explained, for D2C products, Pingtar products will be offered as a choice of new learning methods through WhatsApp.

Module participants can register for a Digital Marketing topic they want to learn through the site and receive module submissions directly on their WhatsApp.

“The chatbot will replace the position of a Digital Marketing coach, so participants can interact on a limited basis to get personalized recommendations according to their business conditions.”

This first model will be released in the near future, and offers this product with a Freemium model. So there will be basic modules offered for free and the option to buy premium modules individually. The price will be made very affordable because it wants to reach MSME businesses in all corners.