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SWOOP Ride-Sharing Platform Business Plan After Debut in Jakarta

SWOOP Ride-Sharing Platform Business Plan After Debut in Jakarta

Launching in Jakarta at the end of 2021, the alternative transportation service provider based on ride-sharing SWOOP, has now added their travel routes in several locations.

SWOOP Ride-Sharing Platform Business Plan After Debut in Jakarta

SWOOP Co-Founder & Director Lim Wee Meng revealed, SWOOP wants to be an option for workers to students, who need transportation to be able to take them from home to certain locations.

Our mission is to solve problems that exist in the transportation ecosystem in developing countries. Starting from Jakarta, because we see problems on the road today. On the other hand, we see many partners who want to establish strategic collaborations at this time, said Wee Meng.

There are several important points that are the focus of Swoop. One of them is security issues. They are committed to ensuring safety on both sides, namely passengers and drivers.

For example, with the availability of an Emergency Button for both parties in their respective applications. SWOOP also wants to make it easier for passengers when traveling back and forth, by providing pick-up and drop-off points directly to their destinations.

Through the application, it can also be seen directly the location of the vehicle to make it easier for them to make preparations.

In contrast to ride-hailing services in general, SWOOP has a social effect that is raised by users. Similar to the services offered by taxis, but we provide a choice of more affordable prices starting from Rp. 10 thousand, said SWOOP Co-Founder Michael Geric.

Another difference that SWOOP has compared to ride-hailing platforms is that they specifically provide transportation for large capacity vehicles. Not only 2 to 4 seater, but up to 19 to 20 seater.

According to them, currently many vehicle owners complain about the lack of orders on weekdays and only a lot on weekends. Seeing the options offered by SWOOP, it is ideal for them to partner to meet the vehicle rental quota.

Currently SWOOP has pocketed fresh funds from a number of strategic investors. However, they were reluctant to mention who the investors had invested in.

To be able to increase the number of passengers and recruit partners, this year the company has plans to conduct further fundraising.

SWOOP Ride-Sharing Platform Business Plan After Debut in Jakarta

Shuttle for Commuters

Meanwhile, SWOOP Co-Founder Michael Geric said that during his stay in Jakarta he saw the need for affordable and convenient point-to-point transportation. So, he sees it as an opportunity to fulfill this need.

After extensive research with my partner Wee Meng, we concluded that there is a solution to changing the way people travel. This is the main reason we launched SWOOP, explains Michael.

Through this service, SWOOP provides pick-up and drop-off services for commuters in the Greater Jakarta area and its surroundings. Ordering pick-up and drop-off services from home to office and vice versa can be done using the social ride system through the SWOOP application.

SWOOP Ride-Sharing Platform Business Plan After Debut in Jakarta

Expand Collaboration

For users who want to order SWOOP transportation services, they can directly download and place orders through the application. Later they can determine the pick-up place, pick-up time, and the location they want to go to.

Currently, the routes offered by them are around SCBD, Kuningan, Monas, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Depok, Cibubur, and Bintaro. In the future, according to requests from their users, new routes will be added which can then be customized.

To increase access to passengers, SWOOP has also established a strategic partnership with MRTJ. This collaboration is carried out to support the implementation of proper transportation integration for commuters.

The presence of SWOOP is based on the company’s vision to act as an aggregator in bridging the availability and need for more convenient, and economical transportation options for commuters in the Greater Jakarta area and its surroundings.

We really appreciate and are proud to be working with PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda). Collaboration with MRT Jakarta is the first step to realizing our mission by providing transportation capabilities that are smarter, safer and more efficient, said Wee Meng.

In addition to PT MRT Jakarta, SWOOP has also collaborated with several other strategic partners from various industrial backgrounds, ranging from transportation, residential developers, hospitality, schools to local retail networks.