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Gojek Presents GoCorp for Businesses to Arrange Employee Transportation Allowances

Gojek Presents GoCorp for Businesses to Arrange Employee Transportation Allowances

Gojek has just launched a new service called GoCorp. This service is intended for business actors to make it easier for them to arrange employee transportation allowances.

Gojek Presents GoCorp for Businesses to Arrange Employee Transportation Allowances

With this solution, employees can easily take advantage of Gojek’s transportation services such as GoRide, GoCar, GoCar L, including GoCar/GoRide Protect Plus without a reimbursement system. So, the perpetrators just set the usage limits according to company rules.

“Business actors can easily arrange employee transportation allowances through this innovation, and employees no longer need to bother making reimbursements,” said Gojek’sHead of Transport Marketing, Amanda Parikesit, in an official statement received, Thursday (14/10/2021).

In addition, this solution allows business actors to monitor the use of transportation allowances and save costs when compared to owning their own company fleet, because it does not require maintenance costs and fleet operational costs.

The process of ordering this service is also fairly easy, employees can order services as usual and just choose a payment method via GoCorp. Later, all employee travel records will appear in real-time.

“This solution can be used by business actors of various scales, from startups, MSMEs, to large companies. GoCorp does not require a certain number of employees to use the solution,” said Amanda closing her statement.

Culinary MSMEs are one of the business sectors that have been affected during the pandemic. To be able to continue to survive, as many as 42% of MSMEs have used digital platforms and social media in anticipation of the policy of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

One of them is by using the GoFood delivery application. In GoFood itself, as many as 43% of MSMEs who join as business partners are novice entrepreneurs and as many as 250 thousand new culinary delights go online at GoFood during the 2020 pandemic.

Gojek Presents GoCorp for Businesses to Arrange Employee Transportation Allowances

GoTo Donates 1,000 Oxygen Concentrators to Help Health Facilities Handle Covid-19

On the other hand, GoTo stated that more than 1,000 oxygen concentrators have been donated to help deal with Covid-19 at several health facilities in the country.

GoTo, which oversees Gojek, Tokopedia, and GoTo Financial, said that oxygen concentrators were distributed in stages to various hospitals and health facilities to meet oxygen supply needs.

Through the non-profit organization Yayasan Anak Bangsa (YABB), which was established by Gojek, from August 30 to 31, 2021, 25 oxygen concentrator units have been handed over to the governments of Depok and Bogor.

In addition, GoTo also provided oxygen concentrators to the Tangerang City and Regency Governments, each receiving 10 units, and the South Tangerang City Government as many as 20 units.

Following is the delivery of 25 units to the Bekasi City Government in the near future. Later, the district/city government through the Health Office will distribute it to health facilities in need.

GoTo also reported that they had handed over 200 units of oxygen concentrators to the Ministry of Health in the previous stage.

The handover of more than 385 units has also been made to the Regency Government, City Government and Provincial Government in West Java, City Government and Regency Government in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Regency and City Government in East Java, and Bali Provincial Government.

Gojek Presents GoCorp for Businesses to Arrange Employee Transportation Allowances

Gotong Royong’ as National Identity

In this oxygen concentrator assistance program, GoTo also cooperates with Sequoia India and a number of startups under the auspices of the venture capital company.

“Handling Covid-19 requires the spirit of ‘gotong-royong’ which has become the identity of the Indonesian nation,” said Chief Public Policy and Government Relations, GoTo, Shinto Nugroho.

Shinto said that the oxygen concentrator is one of their supports in the maintenance aspect, after previously launching the Mutual Cooperation Oxygen House.

The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, who symbolically received the donation for the Regency Government, City Government, and West Java Provincial Government on August 20 last year appreciated this.

“Life matters, especially in handling Covid, can’t be played around because in a matter of hours the results can be different,” said Ridwan Kamil.