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Strengthen GoTo Synergy, GoPay Becomes the Main Payment Option at Tokopedia


As a form of GoTo business integration, GoPay is the next service that is present in the Tokopedia application as an instant payment option. The GoPay icon is listed on the main application page at the top left, which was previously occupied by OVO.

Before GoPay arrived, last August, Gojek had brought GoPayLater to the Tokopedia application. Users can take advantage of the limit obtained to shop at Tokopedia.

In an official statement, GoPay CMO Fibriyani Elastria said. GoPay’s presence at Tokopediais an expansion of benefits for the company, which millions of people have relied on for their daily transactions, including online shopping.

“GoPay focuses on meeting user needs by providing and increasing the expansion of safe and easy online shopping services,” he explained in an official statement, Thursday (14/10).

The Presence oGopay is Expected tban Alternative

Nuraini Razak, Tokopedia VP of Corporate Communications said, “So far, Tokopedia has provided various payment methods to make it easier for anyone to experience the benefits of transacting online.”

“We hope that GoPay’s presence on the Tokopedia platform can now be an alternative payment for people who increasingly rely on non-cash payments to meet their daily needs,” he added. This service was launched in stages to all GoPay users since October.

Just like transacting with other payment options, customers can choose to pay with GoPay at the payment options on Tokopedia after confirming the amount of the shopping bill, address, and shipping method.

Furthermore, the customer can complete the transaction by confirming the GoPay PIN. Even though the GoPay ecosystem is complete, OVO is not automatically removed from the Tokopedia ecosystem. The two companies have agreed that OVO will still be present as a payment method on Tokopedia.

“Regarding the use of OVO in the Tokopedia and Lippo Group ecosystems, it has been agreed that OVO will still be present as a payment method in the ecosystem,” said OVO Head of Corporate Communications Harumi Supit quoting from CNBC Indonesia. Harumi said, changing ownership structure is a natural part of the journey of a technology company.

Currently, users can access OVO in the Tokopedia application through the “Settings” menu option. On this page, users can still top-up, transfer balances to other users, and view OVO transaction history.

The Race for the Top Spot

OVO and GoPay actually have the same focus, working with various strategic partners to get closer to the daily lives of individual users and MSMEs.

In the presentation given by OVO, it was stated that its services have been integrated into various merchants in various business verticals. Be it, billing and entertainment, groceries, parking, logistics, health, donations, education, fintech, and so on.

Another important aspect is connected to the smartphone operating system, namely Google Play and the App Store. It is claimed that OVO is already connected, but when further verified, OVO is not yet available on both.

There is a possibility that it is currently in the integration process, so it will take some time before it will be made public. In various studies, both OVO and GoPay dominate each other in occupying the first position as the most popular digital payment application.

According to the 2020 Fintech Report survey, GoPay occupies the top position (87%), followed by OVO (80.4%), DANA (75.6%), ShopeePay (53.2%), and LinkAja (47.5%).

Meanwhile, in a survey released by Boku this year, OVO was named the application with the highest transaction growth in 2020 with $10.7 million, ShopeePay ($4.3 million), LinkAja($3.9 million), GoPay ($3.7 million), and FUND ($3.4 million).

Occupying the top position is certainly a desire for all parties. As a result, the entry of GoPayinto Tokopedia has become a good generator to boost transactions. Moreover, Tokopedia and GoPay will of course continue to provide various special offers in the form of discounts and cashback.