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Nalagenetics and Ruangguru Win the 2021 G20 Innovation League Award

Nalagenetics and Ruangguru Win the 2021 G20 Innovation League Award

Two startups from Indonesia, Nalagenetics and Ruangguru, were selected as the Top 10 featured startups in the 2021 G20 Innovation League Forum which will take place on 9-10 October 2021 in Sorrento, Italy.

Nalagenetics and Ruangguru Win the 2021 G20 Innovation League Award

Nalagenetics won first place in the Mobility and Healthcare category. Meanwhile Ruangguruwon second place in the Artificial Intelligence category.

Semuel A. Pangerapan, The Director-General of Information Applications at the Ministry of Communication and Information, appreciated the implementation of the 2021 G20 Innovation League.

“The 2021 G20 Innovation League Forum can build and facilitate collaboration between the government and private innovation players (startups, venture capital, and corporations) on a global scale,” said Semuel through a press release from the Ministry of Communication and Information, quoted on Tuesday (12/10/2021).

Meanwhile, Director of Information Empowerment at the Directorate General of Aptika, Kemkominfo, Bonie Pudjianto, who was present in person at the 2021 G20 Innovation League, said Nalagenetics won the award for creating a special platform to offer accurate medical tests and offering solutions according to the needs of different doctors, patients and laboratories.

Nalagenetics and Ruangguru Win the 2021 G20 Innovation League Award

Nominate 5 Indonesian Venture Capital

As the vocal point of the G20 Innovation League, the Ministry of Communication and Information has nominated 5 venture capitalists who are entitled to represent Indonesia.

“We also have the opportunity to nominate startups and assist in the selection process to produce 5 representatives of Indonesian startups for this activity from 5 focus sectors of the G20 Innovation League,” said Bonie.

This year, more than a hundred startups and a hundred Venture Capitals from the G20 and guest countries (invited) have gathered at the 2021 G20 Innovation League Forum to meet both physically and online.

They share experiences and innovative solutions in facing global challenges in various sectors, such as Cleantech, AI, IoT and Wearables, Green and Smart, and Mobility and Healthcare.

The G20 Innovation League 2021 is part of the Italian G20 Presidency. This event focuses on challenges and opportunities in increasing international trade, investment and innovation fields for human welfare.

This year, startups appointed by each country are categorized into 5 predetermined global challenges.

These include clean technology (cleantech), engineering intelligence (artificial intelligence), IoT and wearables, smart cities, green and smart transportation (smart city and smart mobility), and health services (healthcare).

A total of 100 startups from 20 countries made presentations in front of the panelists. They then determined the Top 10 startups as examples of institutions that can take immediate opportunities in addressing global challenges and encouraging global investment and trade.

Nalagenetics and Ruangguru Win the 2021 G20 Innovation League Award

Previously, Nalagenetics Received Distribution Permit for Quickspit Test Kit

Medical technology company Nalagenetics has obtained Indonesian marketing authorization for Quickspit, a Covid-19 test kit that is portable, requires no swab or extraction, and has high accuracy.

Quickspit is a saliva sample collection kit combined with the Covid-19 PCR test method without an extraction method. Quickspit(TM) can be used independently by following the steps in the package, and is very convenient for both parents and children.

Regulatory approval is based on the kit’s high accuracy (up to 97%) compared to PCR using nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab methods. 

The kit’s performance has been validated in several laboratories and partner hospitals, and has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Samples collected using Quickspit(TM) do not need to be extracted, making it more affordable for users looking for an alternative to PCR swab testing, without compromising accuracy.

Quickspit(TM) can be used for travel to countries that accept salivary PCR testing. Salivary PCR assays are widely adopted in other countries, such as the US, Japan, and Taiwan. 

Because of its ease and high accuracy, it can be an alternative to other screening tools, especially in high-risk places, such as schools and health care settings.