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Ruangguru Supports Online School ‘Alta School’ Launch

Ruangguru Supports Online School 'Alta School' Launch

Seeing the trend of online learning which is now commonplace, even some parents have chosen to minimize the risk of being exposed to the virus, Alta School is here as an online school.

Restrictions due to the pandemic are forcing educational institutions to adapt. Over the past few months, various schools in Indonesia for all levels have changed the learning model from face-to-face to online.

Although initially difficult for teachers, students, and even parents; but in the end it was found a model that was optimal enough for the delivery of material online.

Regarding the level and standardization applied, it is equivalent to conventional schools in general. They guarantee that the curriculum delivered accommodates the developmental needs of children both cognitively, affectively and psychomotorically.

 Ruangguru Supports Online School 'Alta School' Launch

Supported by Ruangguru Technology

Alta School has opened registration for new students for the age of 4 years at the PAUD level and 6 years at the elementary level.

He said that this school was launched by prioritizing aspects of teacher readiness, educational curriculum, as well as interactive live teaching-learning methods, and personalized independent activities.

To support the optimal need for online classrooms, Alta School specifically cooperates with Ruangguru to take advantage of their Learning Management System (LMS) platform RuangClass.

The Classroom LMS provides several capabilities, such as managing classes, attendance lists, managing materials/assignments, class discussions, to assessment and analysis of student progress.

Basically, this LMS can be applied to schools out there; Until now, according to Ruangguru’s data, there are around 12 thousand schools that have used it.

Regarding the strategic partnership between the two parties, Ruangguru representatives said they were not directly involved in the operations of Alta School.

However, a number of Alta School employees on LinkedIn refer to themselves as part of Ruangguru or use the company name Alta School by Ruangguru.

Classroom Access, which is presented as the main learning management system at Alta School, will make it easier for teachers to organize online teaching and learning activities, so students can follow a well-defined study plan, to continue learning effectively, said Ruangguru’s Head of Corporate Communication, Anggi Setiawan.

Ruangguru Supports Online School 'Alta School' Launch

Apply the Blended Learning Method

Since launching in July 2021, until now Alta School has had hundreds of students ranging from PAUD A (children aged 4 years), PAUD B (children aged 5 years), to elementary school students in grades 1 to 3.

Carrying the blended learning method, learning activities put forward the concept of interactive and adaptive live teaching assisted by maximizing visual learning. 

Live teaching at Alta School has a frequency of up to 6 times a week. In addition, live teaching at Alta School is also combined with independent activities for students.

The material provided at Alta School is equivalent to national schools, and the learning is equivalent to conventional schools, the study time schedule is also flexible, explained Alta School Principal Devi Silviaty Gunawan.

He continued, At an early age, children have a high curiosity and need a learning pattern with concrete examples. At this stage, children’s self-confidence needs to be built by providing a sense of security and fun while learning.

Overall, the activities offered include live teaching, homebase projects, offline activities with parents, tutoring classes, add-on classes, life skills education, learning kits, and various other facilities to prepare students to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Ruangguru Supports Online School 'Alta School' Launch

Become One of the Best Companies

Ruangguru, the largest education technology start-up in Southeast Asia, has been named to the LinkedIn Top Startup 2021 list for the category of the 15 Indonesian companies on the rise.

The list, which is present for the first time in Indonesia, features 15 young companies that have become the leading places of work in Indonesia.

Reporting from LinkedIn, the list was compiled by looking at four main aspects, namely employee growth, the level of interest in job seekers, the level of involvement of the company and its employees, and how well the company attracts prospective workers from the list of the top companies in Indonesia.