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Ruangguru Presents Adapto Feature to Welcome the New Academic Year

Ruangguru Presents Adapto Feature to Welcome the New Academic Year

Ruangguru has just launched a new feature called Adapto to welcome the new school year. This feature allows students to have a personalized and interactive online learning experience like having their own private tutor.

This Adapto feature is integrated with the Ruangguru learning video and can be accessed directly through the application.

Ruangguru Presents Adapto Feature to Welcome the New Academic Year

This feature is an adaptive learning video available for junior high and high school students. Adapto will adjust the student’s learning process during online learning automatically.

“Adjustments are made based on the choice of quiz answers chosen by students while studying and when the teacher checks students’ understanding,” said Ruangguru Founder and Managing Director, Belva Devara in an official statement received, Thursday (22/7/2021).

The way the Adapto feature works is that it automatically adjusts the storyline of the learning videos that students watch. Later the selected storyline is based on the students’ answers during learning.

For example, when the teacher will check students’ understanding by giving the ‘Understood’ and ‘Confused’ options, if the student chooses to understand, the teacher will continue to explain to the next topic.

However, if you are still confused, the teacher will repeat the explanation of the material. The Adapto feature from Ruangguru can also measure students’ abilities through quizzes in the middle of the learning video.

When a student’s answer is wrong, the teacher will automatically explain the correct answer and improve student understanding. In addition, students can also choose whether they want to be explained quickly or in detail, depending on their needs and learning styles.

“We realize that each student has a different learning speed and level of understanding. With the Adapto learning feature, student understanding will be more measurable, because the explanation will be adjusted to students’ understanding,” said Belva.

Although it looks simple, in developing this feature, Ruangguru collaborates with hundreds of teachers and experts in various fields to think of various possible student learning roadmaps in one video.

Ruangguru Presents Adapto Feature to Welcome the New Academic Year

Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in the Roboguru Features

Previously, the company also released innovation in roboguru feature that can help students to learn. With this new innovation, students can not only ask questions about the subject, but also watch concept videos related to the question.

In addition, students can also invite the roboguru to discuss with the students who have difficulty understanding the answers to the questions. So, this new innovation not only makes students know the answer to a question, but also understands the concept of the teaching.

“We hope that the roboguru innovation can be a practical and effective solution to help students complete their homework at home, where students still receive material explaining lesson concepts and can discuss with each other, not just copying answers,” said Ruangguru’s Head of K12 Product, Stephanie Hardjo, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

This is because Ruangguru had conducted an internal survey and concluded that there were some of the biggest challenges faced by students during PJJ.

Some of these challenges are difficulty understanding lessons without teacher explanations, getting more assignments without more varied and interactive learning, taking longer to learn and doing assignments, to communication barriers with teachers.

Ruangguru Presents Adapto Feature to Welcome the New Academic Year

New Abilities Roboguru Features

Meanwhile, Ruangguru presents a number of new capabilities for the roboguru feature. One of them is a combination of photo search technology and user-generated content to make it easier for students to ask solutions to difficult questions and discuss with other students throughout Indonesia.

This feature now also presents learning videos to help the users to understand concepts with accurate solution recommendations. This feature is available for all levels of education including all major subjects.

The feature itself can be accessed through the Ruangguru app or messages via WhatsApp. Ruangguru says this feature can be accessed without additional subscription fees.