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LocalCorn Mentors Are Ready to Help Local Startups Go National

LocalCorn Mentors Are Ready to Help Local Startups Go National

The success of a startup or start-up company to develop and go national cannot be separated from the role of mentors who guide them. Mentors have a very big role. Their presence can determine the success or failure of startup actors in developing their business.

Through the guidance or mentorship process, startup actors who lack knowledge and experience can get advice, direction, input, and guidance from ‘teachers’ who have experienced the acid and salt of building a start-up company.

The importance of a mentor is also the reason for LokalCorn, a local startup competition to go national, the result of the collaboration between Tribunnews and HP, presents a series of experienced mentors who are ready to share all their knowledge with the best local startup candidates.

LocalCorn Mentors Are Ready to Help Local Startups Go National

5 Mentors at LocalCorn Event

Five of the best domestic mentors who are members of Rocket Teams LokalCorn are ready to help realize the dreams of local startups. The following is a brief profile of the five.

1. William Sunito, founder of TokoWahab

At a relatively young age, William Sunito was able to bring TokoWahab into the national arena. In fact, he became one of the young businessmen who were included in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list.

Tokowahab itself is a startup that focuses on selling ingredients for making snacks and cakes. In running this business, William Sunito has the determination to help SMEs who are members of Tokowahab.

2. Diajeng Lestari, Co-founder of Hijup

Diajeng Lestari, one of the founders of Hijup.com, never once thought that she would become an entrepreneur in the field of Muslim fashion e-commerce.

The thought only appeared when he had difficulty finding the latest Muslim clothing. From that difficulty, he saw an opportunity to establish the world’s first Muslim fashion e-commerce.

From that opportunity, now, Hijup.com has become the largest Muslim fashion e-commerce that has penetrated the market of 50 countries in the world.

LocalCorn Mentors Are Ready to Help Local Startups Go National

3. Fransiska P.W, co-founder of Womenworks

Fransiska is an engineer and founder of WomenWorks. WomenWorks is the first “connection” platform for women to make their dreams come true.

Bringing together students and mentors, this platform builds connections for women to grow both personally and professionally.

In running her business, Fransiska has a strong vision and mission which is to make women people who are connected, have broad connectivity, are financially independent, and are able to have a positive impact in various fields.

4. Gibran Huzaifah, CEO of eFishery

Just like William, Gibran Huzaifah is also listed as a young person listed by Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. Through the startup he founded, he was able to revolutionize the USD 9.4 billion Indonesian aquaculture market.

eFishery is a startup that provides end-to-end solutions for fish and shrimp farmers in Indonesia, ranging from smart farming technology, inputs, access to finance, to the B2B market.

Thanks to his innovation, he was able to have a positive impact on thousands of farmer groups spread across 28 provinces in Indonesia.

LocalCorn Mentors Are Ready to Help Local Startups Go National

5. Juvenco Pelupessy from Skystar Capital

Lastly, the mentor who will be attending LokalCorn is Juvenco Pelupessy from Skystar Capital. With a degree in electrical engineering from Chiao Tung University, Juvenco has a wealth of experience in technology.

In fact, prior to joining Skystar Capital, he was the co-founder of the investment app platform Seeds.

With a wealth of experience, the five mentors will later share their experiences and knowledge with local startups participating in LokalCorn. With the knowledge that has been given, it is hoped that local startup owners can penetrate the national market.

From the initial selection, 30 selected participants will take part in a coaching clinic with the five mentors above until they enter the top 10 stages, the voting stage, and finally the 3 winners selection stage.