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Ruangguru Announces Acquisition of Schoters and Kalananti, Expands Product Ecosystem

Ruangguru Announces Acquisition of Schoters and Kalananti, Expands Product Ecosystem

Ruangguru announced the full acquisition of two edtech startups, Schoters and Kalananti, with an undisclosed amount. These two startups will complete a series of K-12 product ecosystems at Ruangguru, each high-ranking officer remains focused on the solutions they offer for Ruangguru users.

Ruangguru Announces Acquisition of Schoters and Kalananti, Expands Product Ecosystem

Each of the high-ranking officials of Schoters and Kalananti gave their statements. Co-founder and CEO of Schoters Radyum Ikono said that the exploration of the acquisition had actually been carried out in November 2021, but the agreement was only finalized at the end of this June.

After the acquisition, the business process at Schoters will not change significantly, even the Schoters brand will still exist to touch new users outside the Ruangguru ecosystem. The Schoters solution will be available on the Ruangguru platform and accessible to all users who need the solution.

Since operating in 2018, Schoters claims to have succeeded in helping thousands of Indonesian students graduate to more than 400 universities in 43 countries.

Solutions Schoters not only offers consultation and tutoring for college registration, but also foreign language classes, document preparation, to help find accommodation.

Ruangguru Announces Acquisition of Schoters and Kalananti, Expands Product Ecosystem

Kalananti Acquisition Process Has Been Completed Since March 2022

Meanwhile, the Kalananti acquisition process has actually been completed since the end of March 2022. After that, the two immediately stepped on the gas business collaboration.

“Our main product is future skills, one of which is coding. Many parents find it very relevant, so many consider coding to be their superior product. We were acquired because of the coding product itself,” said Kalananti CEO Ahmad Syahid Zakaria.

Syahid continued, after joining Ruangguru, he and his team will focus on developing coding learning products for children because they now have wider resources, unlike before.

Actually, apart from coding, Kalananti has several other educational products, but what will be the focus for the future is coding before getting serious about other products. For the record, Kalananti is an edtech startup that was officially established in 2020.

This startup focuses on providing coding and innovation courses for children aged 5-12 years, exploring various skills in a fun way through fun programs. Kalananti uses a blended learning approach that focuses on concepts and competencies.

For the ScratchJr program, for example, which is intended for ages 5-6 years, children will be introduced to coding by making games/animations in the ScratchJr application, no need to read and write. This app lets parents hone the basic logic of coding in a simple way with colors and icons.

Ruangguru Announces Acquisition of Schoters and Kalananti, Expands Product Ecosystem

Feature Update on Ruangguru

Other things that were conveyed at the press conference were new products and supporting features in order to welcome the new school year. One of the highlights is the presence of Ruangguru for Kids, an integrated learning ecosystem to develop children’s academic and non-academic potential and abilities from an early age.

In this platform, there are various choices of modes and fields of learning for children aged 3-12 years, ranging from language, coding, reading, writing and arithmetic, to online schools.

Kalananti and Alta School entered to complete the solution, followed by Dafa Lulu, which is an interactive and animated learning platform for elementary school students grades 1-6, combining learning materials with storytelling and gamification.

This Dafa Lulu platform is equipped with a Practice Zone feature, a special zone for learning through various interesting educational games, Dafa Lulu Live, to study with teachers live and interactively using Dafa Lulu content.

Apart from Ruangguru for Kids, the company also announced an additional feature for Adapto, an adaptive learning video whose flow can be adjusted to the level of students’ understanding, called Adapto X.

Adapto itself has been released since last year. In Adapto X, this feature uses simulations and interactive games, emphasizing the proactive implementation aspect to help students understand the subject matter more easily.

Lastly, is the UTBK Center, a platform for the preparation of PTN entrance selection for high school students. All aspects needed for UTBK preparation, starting from the UTBK schedule countdown, distribution of learning materials and strategies, practice questions, analysis of opportunities to pass the UTBK, to information on universities and study programs.