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Edutech Startup Habiskerja Prepares Scholarship to Boost Digital Ability

Edutech Startup Habiskerja Prepares Scholarship to Boost Digital Ability

The edutech startup Habiskerja announced that it is currently opening a program of 1000 scholarships intended for students and fresh graduates. The selected students and fresh graduates will receive direct mentoring from experts in various digital fields of well-known companies in Indonesia.

Edutech Startup Habiskerja Prepares Scholarship to Boost Digital Ability

In an official statement received on Sunday (3/7/2022), this program is expected to be able to see the magnitude of digital skills in the digital era that will continue to develop in the next few years. This program also increases the inclusiveness of digital skills among students.

It is important to note that Habiskerja comes with a vision to make digital transformation a success in Indonesia. In addition to helping job-seekers to start digital careers, Habiskerja also focuses on bridging office workers, fresh graduates, and students to increase their income through part-time jobs.

Habiskerja also offers flexible capacity building with video-based learning methods. But not only that, this startup also regularly holds sharing sessions for each class for members every month.

Currently, the introduction of digital capabilities is needed by many people. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on changing patterns of community activity, including driving digitization in almost all sectors.

“Now it’s the era of the GIG Economy where digital skills are needed by many people. This skill is one of the skills that is very prospective in the future,” said the Founder and CEO of Usaikarya.com Haitsam Shiddiq Siregar at the National Seminar at UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta.

In addition, the digitalization migration process that occurs nationally requires a lot of talent as a driving force. Because of this, Akhirkarya.com is here to help talent who are having difficulty starting to pursue digital skills as a new profession.

According to Digital Marketing Consultant & Mentor at Aruskarya.com Muhammad Darun, there are actually many talents out there who want to enter the digital world, but are still confused about where to start. This is also felt by many new graduates.

“Well, with the work that was initiated by Mas Haitsam, hopefully it can help anyone in providing structured direction and material from the experience of the expertise in their field,” he said.

Edutech Startup Habiskerja Prepares Scholarship to Boost Digital Ability

TezAsia Hackathon for Students to Professionals

On the other hand, Tezos India and TZ APAC will hold a hackathon titled TezAsia with a total prize pool of more than US$ 200 thousand or around IDR 3 billion. TezAsia is a Web3 hackathon that welcomes aspiring newcomers, advanced coders, students, professionals and blockchain enthusiasts.

Participants have the opportunity to win more than US$ 100 thousand in prizes and US$ 100 thousand (approximately IDR 1.5 billion) in the form of grants.

The hackathon will open up new career opportunities and the opportunity to work with the best Dapps, platforms and teams in the Tezos ecosystem.

Edutech Startup Habiskerja Prepares Scholarship to Boost Digital Ability

Hackathon Held

The hackathon will be arranged in two themes namely ‘Small but Great’ and ‘Disrupt All The Things’. There will also be a variety of tracks covering everything from NFT to DeFi and more.

The ‘Small but Great’ theme is positioned for newcomers to blockchain development who are interested in proving their worth by building a simple dApp on the Tezos technology stack.

While the theme ‘Disrupt All the Things’ is aimed at teams with disruptive visions, to showcase the PoC/MVP of their dream Web3 product.

Candidates also find a detailed list of ideas on the platform to increase their chances of winning in each category. So far, there have been 7,000 registrants.

TezAsia will kick off on 10 July with an opening webinar, a hackathon featuring 7 consecutive days of workshops to be held until 20 July 2022, followed by a building and development activity session from 21 July to 5 August 2022.

This workshop will lead developers to building end-to-end Dapps on Tezos, explaining every step of development from learning the Tezos smart contract language to token standards, multiple Integration Libraries, and the Tezos Blockchain in general.

Exploring interesting ideas and lessons about building projects on Tezos through Content and Resource Sharing will be the main focus of the upcoming hackathon to familiarize candidates with the case.