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eFishery Launches New Mobile App for Its Partners

eFishery Launches New Mobile App for Its Partners

An Indonesian startup called eFishery is again a topic of conversation among pioneers. The company engaged in aquaculture technology has launched a special application for fish farming, eFisheryKu.

The startup, which was founded in 2013, will provide facilities for purchasing feed, access to fish sales, market prices and funding applications. eFishery was founded by Gibran Huzaifah with three main goals.

That is to provide the world’s food needs through aquaculture, to be a solution to address fundamental problems in the aquaculture industry by providing affordable technology, and to reduce socio-economic inequality through an inclusive digital economy.

eFishery Launches New Mobile App for Its Partners

“The presence of the eFisheryKu application to assist fish farmers from the beginning to the end of the cultivation process,” he said.

He understands that in the process, there are many obstacles faced by cultivators in the field, such as difficulty in accessing fishery production facilities (saprodi) supporting aquaculture, access to financing, and financial management, as well as determining selling prices and distributing harvested fish.

Innovation will Always be Done for Mutual Progress

Reporting from its website, eFishery continues to develop with innovations in the form of the Smart Feeder, which is an automatic feeder that is also able to record data from feeding to fish growth. The platform made by Gibran did not stop there.

The company will continue to grow and strive to offer solutions for even greater coverage. eFishery has also evolved into the first Aquaculture Intelligence company in Indonesia.

Then according to the CEO, the presence of the new application ‘eFisheryKu’, is useful for assisting fish farmers from the beginning to the end of the cultivation process. In addition, it is hoped that the problem of cultivators will slowly decrease.

Gibran gave an example of the Kasih, Pay Later (Kabayan) program on eFisheryKu, which allows fish farmers to buy feed using the ‘pay later’ payment method.

eFishery Launches New Mobile App for Its Partners

This feature allows cultivators to pay according to the agreement with the cultivators with a tenor of 1-6 months. This provides relief from the expenditure side before harvest.

“Buy Feed, Pay Later, that’s the philosophy of the Kabayan program. Buy feed from home or pond, pay later when harvested. Fish farmers can transact anywhere without the hassle of going back and forth to agents to place orders. Just through the eFisheryKu application,” he said.

eFisheryKu also provides access to financial institutions, both banking and fintech. The newest, FisheryKu will also have a ‘Sell Fish’ feature. Through this feature, fish cultivators can sell their cultivated fish through an auction system.

One of the cultivators, Wiseso Suryo Supomo, shared the benefits of eFisheryKu. The man from Sleman, Yogyakarta, was initially constrained by venture capital when he was going to develop the red tilapia cultivation business that he pioneered five years ago.

“Thank God there is a Kabayan program (eFisheryKu) because the feed has been covered by eFishery, so I use the capital to buy feed to increase production. Adding the number of ponds, buying windmills, and others,” he said.

13 Thousand Cultivators Have Joined eFishery

Currently, more than 13,000 farmers have joined eFishery, and more than a third of them have been accessed by financial institutions with total approved financing of almost IDR 200 billion.

Not only that, but eFishery has also been invited to showcase technology as well as being a speaker at several sessions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 Barcelona.

eFishery Launches New Mobile App for Its Partners

The Aquaculture technology platform was also a recipient of the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund. As reported by TechinAsia in 2018, eFishery has received Series A funding of US$ 4 million.

The investment was provided by Aqua-spark, Wavemaker Partners, 500 Startups, Maloekoe Ventures, Social Capital, Unreasonable Capital, Triputra Group, and several other funding institutions.

Now, eFishery has several products developed in 5 countries in Southeast Asia. There are 4 main products provided by eFishery, eFisheryFeeder Fish, eFisheryFeeder Shrimp, eFisheryFresh, and eFisheryFeed and eFisheryFund.