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Investree Claims to Grow Positively in Thailand and the Philippines

Investree Claims to Grow Positively in Thailand and the Philippines

Investree, a financial technology company, admitted that it started to record positive growth in the Thai and Philippine markets after obtaining operating licenses in both countries at the beginning of the year. 

Investree Co-Founder & CEO Adrian Gunadi said that Investree’s operating license in the two countries is a license as a crowdlending platform, according to regulations in each country. 

After obtaining the permit, Investree is currently in the process of developing its business in both countries. In both countries, Investree cooperates with joint-venture partners in developing services. 

Investree Claims to Grow Positively in Thailand and the Philippines

Adrian claims that Investree’s business development in both countries is quite positive. Unfortunately, Adrian could not mention the details of the growth. 

“Developments are quite positive, however, because it was only this year that the permit was obtained. Maybe next year the growth will be even bigger,” said Adrian, Monday (30/8/2021). 

In Thailand, Investree presents products called Bullet Payment Security and Installment Payment Security.  

Through these two products, Investree enters the small and medium business (SME) segment. Investree Thailand partners with Pantavanij and FlowAccount in developing business in the Land of the White Elephant. 

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Investree cooperates with Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC), one of the largest companies in the Philippines. Investree brings their products to Manila via FDC. 

Investree’s Strategy to Make Loans Outside Java Doubled 

PT Investree Radhika Jaya (Investree) has begun to reach out to borrowers (borrowers) outside Java, and is targeting the value of financing to the region to grow many times over. 

Investree Co-Founder & CEO Adrian Gunadi revealed that his party is starting to feel the impact of the partnership expansion strategy on financing distribution outside Java. 

Investree Claims to Grow Positively in Thailand and the Philippines

“In the first half of 2021, the number of loans disbursed to SMEs outside Java increased by 196 percent [year-on-year/yoy] compared to the same period in 2020,” he told Bisnis, Thursday (26/8/2021). 

Adrian described that the number of borrowers outside Java who received loans was still in the range of 2 percent of the total borrowers of Investree. 

However, this number has recorded a significant increase of 45 percent yoy compared to last year, so that its value growth can reach more than 2 times. 

For your information, one of the senior fintech peer-to-peer (P2P) lending productive cluster players, as well as an integrated digital solution platform for SMEs, has distributed Rp7.85 trillion to 5,811 borrower entities since its establishment, with the number of loan transactions reaching 18,779 transactions. 

Number of Active Borrowers in 2021 

Throughout 2021, Investree distributed Rp2.11 trillion. The active borrowers are still in 4,321 entities, the remaining outstanding is Rp. 1.12 trillion, and the success rate of 90-day loan development (TKB90) stands at 97.87 percent. 

The development of Investree, which has succeeded in expanding its market share outside Java, is an impact that along with the increase in Investree’s digital ecosystem partners, access to SMEs outside Java is getting better, and allows the fintech lending industry to reach more SMEs who are still hampered by limited capital in Indonesia. the region. 

Investree Claims to Grow Positively in Thailand and the Philippines

For example, Investree collaborates with an agriculture technology startup eFishery, where Investree provides loans to fish cultivators in Indonesia, including those outside Java. 

“In the future, by developing collaboration in the ecosystem, we hope to be able to continue to increase the portion of financing distribution outside Java so that SMEs in all regions in Indonesia can grow at the same speed,” he explained. 

Adrian explained that this strategy is also following the recommendation of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for fintech lending players to increase their social impact by increasing the portion of loans distributed outside Java. 

The OJK even plans this appeal to become a new rule of thumb, in which each platform will be set to channel a minimum of 20% of the total annual funding distribution outside of Java during this year.